In Memoriam - Garth Harrison

Garth Harrison, 39, Grand Prix Dressage rider and trainer, and good friend to many, passed away unexpectedly, in South Africa, April 25. Garth lived in the United States for 21 years, and competed in the US and internationally for South Africa where he returned often to give clinics, and visit his family.

It was never surprising to see Garth at Aachen, and other international shows, and always a treat, because being around Garth gave us lots of reasons to laugh. His intelligent wit, was sometimes subtle, often direct, and always funny. Garth was also a familiar voice heard at Dressage at Devon as the co- announcer for Brian O'Connor, adding much of his humor to the festivities.

To read more about Garth Harrison read by Shaana Pritchard's article The World According to Garth written in 1998.

"Horses are not vehicles for our egos, nor are they ATV's. I consider my association with horses a privilege, not a right."
Garth Harrison - May 1, 1998

We will miss you