Meeting the Masters

Nancy Smith - Dressage Trainer, Instructor, Clinician

The next phase of Nancy M. Smith's career was a move to Toronto, Canada in 1982 where she worked for Hans and Evi Pracht, owners of the International Equestrian Sports Services, and hosts of the 1986 World Dressage Championships.

During this time Smith was thrust into the duties of assisting in the management of not only that event, but other shows, a full scale sale barn, and frequent trips to Europe to train and find new horses to market.

Evi Pracht, the daughter of the legendary German Olympian Josef Neckermann, brought not only her father to the Toronto facility, but many top European trainers such as General Stecken, George Wahl, and Harry Boldt.

Nancy was riding 12 to 15 horses a day from 3-year-olds, to Grand Prix schoolmasters, soaking up the international experience while still in North America .

The experience was unparalleled to anything she could have imagined in her life, and she was ready to return to her roots, and a bigger dream, to make the United States Equestrian Team.

Back in the USA