Meet Global Dressage Festival's Founding Sponsor - Diamante Farms

Devon and Terri Kane of Diamante Farms (Photo: © 2012 Ken Braddick)
Devon and Terri Kane of Diamante Farms (Photo: © 2012 Ken Braddick)

Wellington, FL - Word is out in the dressage community that Wellington is the place to be. With the Global Dressage Festival in the new Stadium at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center premiering to rave reviews, all eyes are on this new prize. Wellington based Diamante Farms welcomes the local and global community as a proud sponsor of the Global Dressage Festival. Diamante Farms is an elite dressage training, showing, sales and boarding facility welcoming all levels of dressage riders. Their head trainer is Olympic Team bronze medalist Michelle Gibson.  The farm's picturesque setting, covered arena with Martin Collins footing, outdoor arena, oversized stalls and proximity to show facilities make it an ideal equestrian location. They are accepting horses and students at all levels.

Dick and Terri Kane purchased Diamante Farms in Wellington in 2002. Terri Kane comments, "We bought it in 2002 because our daughter had started training with Michelle Gibson, and we lived in San Antonio. We thought it would be great for Michelle to have a barn to train out of and Devon would have a place to come. And now Devon is living here and is assistant trainer to Michelle and growing her own business."
Devon Kane has earned numerous United States Dressage Federation Regional Championships from First through FEI Levels, the USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals and finished her Young Rider Career with Individual Gold and Team Bronze at the 2007 North American Young Rider Championships.
Terri Kane notes a large increase in interest from boarders this year, "We rented eight stalls next door plus added eight tent stalls, and we still had to turn people away. This year everyone was so excited by the new Stadium dressage facility, especially if they've been over there and shown. They just love it. The facility is extremely rider and spectator friendly, the staff is beyond helpful, and there is actually real prize money awarded!  This is the only place in Wellington where dressage has its own facility."
In addition to the increased interest from the dressage community, Diamante Farms regularly sees interest from other riding disciplines such as jumpers and eventing. All equestrians can benefit from the dressage training. Kane explains, "It's so much about the connection with your horse and being able to communicate with your horse through your body. The movement is incredibly subtle. Other disciplines can use dressage to get the horse engaged from the hind end and moving through his body to express the complete potential of the horses' athletic ability."
The farm also connects on the international level. German Olympian Hubertus Schmidt comes to Diamante Farms every two or three months for clinics and focuses on the individual rider's needs.
Devon Kane also notes the supportive atmosphere for horse and rider at Diamante Farms, "To me, what sets Diamante Farms apart from all other farms in Wellington is our commitment to our horses. The comfort and safety of all horses is always the first priority. We keep our barn low stress and low drama to keep the horses as comfortable and relaxed as possible. The greatest compliment I receive consistently from our clients is how the horses settle right in and relax at the farm, and even normally nervous horses are calmer than anywhere else. This results in a serene and resort-like atmosphere where everyone, horses and people, can enjoy the serene environment and achieve their goals."
Devon adds, "It is also important to us to create and maintain a supportive atmosphere for our people clients. All the riders at Diamante Farms support and encourage one another. You will see most of us ringside cheering on each other at shows. We have top riders and horses at our farm, and feeling safe, supported, and comfortable in a disciplined environment keeps us all at the top of our game."
For Terri Kane the goal is to keep this very special feeling at Diamante Farms. "What makes our barn different is that we're not big, and we like to keep it very quiet," says Kane. "Everyone gets along really well. We like the environment to be laid back and easy going."
Diamante Farms are extremely proud to be sponsoring the Global Dressage Festival, especially on the week with the only five star CDI class. Terri Kane is also pleased to introduce the sport of dressage to the local community. She notes, "When I went to the show the other night I saw families coming to see what was happening. I'm excited for the community to see how beautiful dressage is. At the freestyle classes at night, when they put it to music and you see it choreographed, people who do not know dressage can really see the beauty of the sport."
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