Medical Drama - Barb has Emergency Appendectomy 4 Day Before the Event

The “Rider” (oops Ryder) Cup Experience

As my luck would have it, the day I should have been going to Louisville, I ended up in the hospital for an emergency appendectomy ! After all the preparation and anticipation of this fun week, I was devastated at the possibility of not riding. However, I was determined this small road block would not stop me. As soon as the surgeon greeted me I announced that I had to be on a horse in four days. He was a golfer and a Ryder Cup volunteer so, he understood the importance of it all. He said if anyone could do it, I could.

Riders lined up for one last dash of hoof polish before the big event. With the help of a lot of friends, I made it to Valhalla on Tuesday evening, just in time to watch the second practice. Thank goodness Brianna Snyder was there to step in for me to take Phoenix through his practice sessions. She also picked up my slack as groom and stall mucker. Our accommodations were superb. At Valhalla, the horses were housed a large, grassy, tree lined area that had been turned into a temporary equine facility with a large tent for shade, eight stalls, a turn out paddock, a generator, large water supply and porta potty. We had our own 24-hour security guard and night watchman. The riders were housed in a nearby hotel. A few of us made it a mini vacation.

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