Mary Phelps Joins the Markel Sport Horse Insurance Specialist Team

News Release from Markel Insurance Company, Richmond, VA - March 27, 2003: Markel Insurance Company welcomes Mary Phelps to its staff of horse insurance specialists. Mary brings over 25 years of equine insurance experience to Markel. A familiar presence on the international show circuit, Mary is also a professional photographer and journalist. She covers over 20 events a year, including international, national, and regional competitions in the Equestrian Olympic disciplines. In 1997 Mary saw great potential in the Internet, and founded two award-winning web sites: and

Mary comments, “I’ve known Markel for as long as I’ve been in the equine industry, and I have the greatest respect for the Markel people behind this program. Many of them are horse owners, and they understand the special relationship between owner and horse.”

Adds Alan Kirshner, Chairman of the Board and horse owner, “We’ve admired Mary’s innovative contribution to the horse business for some time, and are delighted that she has accepted our invitation to join Markel. We strive to employ people who recognize the unique connection between people and their horses, the joy, sadness, thrills, and excitement that owning a horse brings. Mary is always seeking better ways to serve her clients, and it’s our job to help her do so.”

Markel and its affiliates have been involved in insuring equine related risks for over 40 years. Markel Insurance Company is rated “A Excellent” for financial strength by A.M. Best Company, and is licensed to do business throughout the U.S.

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