Mary Haskins Gray and Fregat, 2003 North American Young Riders' Champions

Not Lindsay Koffler, nor Michael Shondel, but Region 1 young rider Mary Haskins Gray became the 2003 North American Young Riders Champion in dressage. Riding a phenomenal kur to music, Haskins Gray scored a superb 74%, won the class and defeated the provisional championships' leader Michael Shondel.

In the Individual Finals, the PSG kur to music, gold medal hopeful Lindsay Koffler finished second on Alfredo with an 68% freestyle and claimed the individual silver medal. Californian John Murrey retained his third place position and with a 67% kur score, he and his horse Festival received the bronze medal.

The unfortunate fourth place went to Floridian Michael Shondel and Wallaby. Shondel won the team test, finished second in the individual test and fourth in the kur to music. Due to Haskins Gray overall top score, Shondel finished in the unfortunate and ungrateful fourth overall position.

With her individual NAYRC gold, Mary Haskins Gray concluded an already extraordinary 2003 show season. Winning all through Young Riders classes at the 2003 Festival of Champions, Haskins Gray and Fregat became the 2003 American Young Riders Champions in Gladstone, NJ, mid June 2003.

Fregat is a 10-year old Budyonne bred warmblood. Mary Haskins Gray, located in Greensboro, NC, took over Fregat in 2002. Haskins Gray already had NAYRC experience as she competed her thoroughbred mare Black Tie at the 2001 NAYRC at Tempel Farms. Haskins Gray is currently in school in Raleigh and training with Dennis Callin.

Saturday's Young Riders Dressage Consolation Finals were won by Region 1 rider Mary Alice Malone Jr. on Marko. With a 62.933% score, Malone Jr. dominated the consolation class of 17 competitors. Finishing second were Region 6 Lindsey Anderson and Intrepid, the 2002 NAYRC individual bronze medallists, who received 62.400%.

The official website of the 2003 NAYRC is extremely slow in reporting the official and complete results of the competition. This report has been based on preliminary postings of scores. The official site does offer a very nice photo album of the event. Complete scores of the 2003 NAYRC will be online soon at

by Astrid Appels

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