Mary Ann Grant and Dalue Back in the USA

Reappearing in the Grand Prix arena towards the end of the Dressage in Florida circuit was Mary Ann Grant, and her Wurtemburg gelding, Dalue. Together for over a year now, the pair made tremendous progress while in Germany training with Johan Hinneman who was recently recognized as 1998 Dressage Trainer of the Year, at The Dressage World Cup Final in Dortmund, Germany.

"I had spent time there before as a working student," Mary Ann told DressageDaily, but this was my first season actually competing in Germany. Just to be able to figure out the important things in German, like where the show office is, and how to find my stalls felt like a major accomplishment."

In the country that has dominated International Dressage the handsome pair from America placed 11th overall in Berlin, and in the middle of another large field of competitors in Muenster. "I really enjoyed myself, and my horse was such a steady guy, he gave me so much confidence."

This team will be vying for a position on the USET Grand Prix tour in Europe this summer. Final selection will be at The 1999 USET Festival of Champions this June.