Mariette Withages’ Comments on FEI Dressage Committee Issue

On the Scene at the 2nd Annual Del Mar Classic CDI

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By Christina Beal for DressageDaily

Over this past week, much debate has ensued between FEI President Princess Haya and the Dressage Committee regarding the Haya’s demand that the entire Dressage Committee which is headed by Wittages resign. Dressage Daily had the opportunity to discuss this with Withages at the Del Mar Classic where she has a part of the FEI Ground Jury.

Her comments were as follows: “Everything has already been said in the letters that were already published. There is no need for additional discussion at this time. It is a General Assembly issue, and there are rules and protocols to follow.”

She added, “The Dressage Committee has been elected by the General Assembly. The General Assembly is comprised of representatives from each of the National Federations. The General Assembly meets annually and will be meeting next week in Argentina.”  Withages plans to be there and is confident that the issue will be addressed at the meeting.

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