Marathon Timing Survey and Quiz

I've had several students ask me if their lessons could include an explanation of timing on the marathon.  Of course I'm always willing to teach people anything they are willing to learn (wait, that sounded a little more suggestive than it was meant to).  That said, since it's so difficult to get times and locations to get me, my students, and their horses together all in the same place, I usually want to take the time that we've had working on horse things instead of book work things.

So I started to work out a plan where we could all get together and work on learning this.  Again, time, people, location.  Well if we could do it after dinner one night at home...  HA! We live in the communication age!  We can get together at home, for all of us.  Yup, this is the perfect sort of thing to do in an online meeting. 

So I'm going to give an online lesson all about the navigational part of navigating on a marathon.  It's not the fun wheel spinning, tail over the head, hard turning and fast breaking galloping part that we love to talk about.  It's all that drivel in between... that can get us eliminated like a quiet little terminal condition. 

What understanding the navigational portion of the navigating allows you to do is keep your head together between the hazard knowing that you are on course and on time.  If your not, you'll know how to get it back together.

So how do you keep track of your time, and how much do you know about the navigational parts of navigating for a marathon?  I put together a little survey with a few quiz questions for fun.  If you'd like, hit the link to take the survey and quiz, it'll be fun!
After you take the survey, think about joining me and some other students Tuesday night at 8:00 eastern time for an online lesson on timing, and navigating on the marathon.  It'll be $20 for an hour (really how ever long it takes to help you understand the subject. 

If you're interested, get back to me by Monday so I can set it up for those who are interested.  I'll need advanced notice so I can decide how many participants I will have to be able to accommodate with my subscription. 

Ok, that's it.  Now go drive your horse, or teach him how to move off your whip, or polish something, I'm going jumping if I can catch some blue sky and quiet winds.