Lucille and Maggie Jayne Take Top Prize in $10,000 Open Welcome Stake at Showplace Fall Classic

Wayne, IL - The fall weather started to set in at the Lamplight Equestrian Center for the second day of the Showplace Fall Classic Championship Horse Show. Today riders competed in the Grand Prix ring for the top prize in the $10,000 Welcome Stake and the $5,000 NAL Low Junior/Amateur-Owner Classic.

Maggie Jayne was the winner of the Welcome Stake aboard Lucille after the pair completed a double clear effort in the quickest time. The NAL Low Junior/Amateur-Owner Classic victory went to Erin Haas and All of a Sudden after the pair managed to out gallop 12 other horse and rider combinations during the jump-off with a clear round.

The courses for both classes were designed by Hector J Loyola and featured a fourteen jumping efforts. The fences included a liverpool fence, an oxer-to-vertical double combination, and the most difficult line of all, a triple bar four stride line to a vertical-vertical double combination follow by four strides to a large oxer. The jump-off course was long and winding and included many sharp turns as well as the oxer-to-vertical double combination.

The $10,000 Welcome Stake was held early this afternoon and seven riders were able to complete the short course without fault and five of those seven went clear during the jump-off. The first rider to master the course was Maggie Jayne aboard Pony Lane Farm's Uraya. The duo left all the fences standing during the jump-off and slipped through the timers in 43.713 seconds for the third place honors.

Amelia McArdle of Barrington, IL, and Pilot had the slowest double clear effort, stopping the clock at 48.685 seconds for the fifth place prize. Taking home the fourth place award was Kate Bomgaars of Oconomowoc, IL, and Online with a time of 46.231.

Thomas Cerra and United, owned by Brampton Woods of Lake Forest, IL, proved to be an incredible pair after they left all the rails in their cups and broke the beam at 43.538 seconds, which was good enough for second place prize. After taking home the third place award, Jayne garnered the winning title with Lucille, owned by Pony Lane Farm. The duo was incredibly accurate and fast, leaving each fence untouched and galloping across the finish line in 42.758 seconds for the blue ribbon.

"Today I was just focusing on going forward because I took a little spill off of her last week," commented Jayne. "This course I was lucky enough to do that because there were a lot of opportunities to carry a lot of pace. My horse was very rideable to the vertical-vertical combination and the slow four afterwards. Then in the jump-off I finally got to see what she is made of and go as fast as I wanted for the first time."

Jayne continued, "She just needs a forward, confident ride because she is already looking for the jump. She turns really well and she's really balanced but I always protect her a little bit because she is eager to keep going."

As a local of Elgin, IL, Jayne lives just ten minutes from the Lamplight facility and so she always enjoys attending the horse shows produced by Showplace Productions She enjoys the wonderful courses and the incredible footing which allows her horses to consistently be successful.

Later in the day the $5,000 NAL Low Junior/Amateur-Owner Classic was held in the Grand Prix Ring and was a part of the 2010 Leading Rider Series Finals. The event proved to be quite the speed class with 13 riders advancing to the jump-off. Erin Haas of Chelsea, MI, garnered both the first and third place awards with All of a Sudden and Contino 46, respectively. Slipping into the second place position was Amanda Metzler, of St. Charles, IL, and Fire Cat.

"It was definitely a speed round for the jump-off, but I was fortunate that my horse knows the speed part quite well," explained Haas. "He doesn't use extra effort over the jumps so we don't have a lot of airtime. I was trying to be really smooth and hit the jumps off of nice turns because it was a long jump-off; you had to hit everything on the go."

Haas has owned the 18-year-old gelding for nine years and they know each other very well now and can anticipate what the other wants to do. "It's fun because we know each other so well," she said. "I took a shot at the in-and-out because I was quite forward coming in there. I had a pretty hard rub but luckily it stayed up."

"I love Lamplight, they always fun classes and there is always good competition and good courses and good footing," added Haas. "You know when you come here that it's going to be a good show and you're going to have fun."

There were several other big wins in the Grand Prix Ring today as the Showplace Fall Classic Championship Horse Show continued its exciting competition. The morning began with the presentation of the Seven & Eight-Year-Old Young Jumper championship to Amanda Flint and Chinedine PPZ. Later in the day, Alex Veleris produced a winning round aboard Just Milo in the $1,500 WIHS Children's/Adult Jumper Classic. The Platinum Performance/USEF Show Jumping Talent Search followed that up where Lisa Goldman rode to victory.

The Showplace Fall Classic Championship Horse Show will continue tomorrow with much more exciting jumper competition in the Grand Prix Ring, including the $10,000 Junior/Amateur-Owner Hall of Fame Jumper Classic, the $2,500 Low Adult Jumper Classic, and the $2,500 NAL Low Children's Jumper Classic. The 2010 Showplace Leading Rider Series will conclude on Saturday following the $25,000 Tapestry Farm Leading Rider Series Final Grand Prix. The show will run through September 19, 2010, at the Lamplight Equestrian Center in Wayne, Illinois.

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$10,000 Open Welcome Stake
1  196   Lucille   Pony Lane Farm   MAGGIE JAYNE      
2  116   United  Brampton Woods Farm   Thomas Cerra     
3  206   Uraya   Pony Lane Farm   MAGGIE JAYNE     
4  404   ONLINE   Kate Bomgaars   Kate Bomgaars     
5  518   Pilot   Amelia McArdle   Amelia McArdle     
6  316   Cartier Van Schuttershoff   Emily Skoggard   Willie Tynan
7  191   Caretina III   Pony Lane Farm   MAGGIE JAYNE
8  338   CARIBE   Steve Schaefer   Steve Schaefer

$5,000 Low Jr/AO NAL Jumper Classic
1  183   All Of A Sudden   North Face Farm   Erin Haas  
3  181   Contino 46   North Face Farm   Erin Haas     
4  539   Colonius   Mary Ellen Laue   Nora Laue     
5  474   Treasure   Allison Ross   Lillie Ross     
6  283   Caladesi   Anna Murphy   Anna Murphy     
7  182   Romi Z   North Face Farm   Erin Haas
8  368   Casino   Woodrun   Laura Linback

Photo Credit: (1) Maggie Jayne and Lucille jumped to victory in the $10,000 Open Welcome Stake. (2) Erin Haas and All of a Sudden raced to the win in the $5,000 NAL Low Junior/Amateur-Owner Classic. Photos By: Rebecca Walton/PMG.