Looking Forward

Cindy Sydnor

Her goal now is to teach her students to be kind to their horses. "One thing on my mind is how to set an example and teach riders to understand their horses better. A lot of people are horribly cruel to their horses, and we're all numb to it.

"The idea of fighting with the horse in order to make a point is something that should be discussed and changed. The rider who feels that the horse deserves the fight or that the horse picked the fight needs to rethink this concept. Instead, the rider should have the knowledge to go back to something more basic that will explain to the horse what he wants him to do. The rider thinks that the horse understands but merely does not want to be asked. This is sadly untrue; sad for the horse, who is being misunderstood in his confusion and frustration, and punished for it. If only the rider would try to put himself in the horse's situation and imagine what it must be like. I want to teach this to as many riders as I can. I want to help end the violence against these animals."