Looking Back - Olympic Team Bronze 1996

For the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, a new set of riders joined team veteran Robert Dover to hold on to the top third position in the world, behind the reigning gold medal German and the silver medal Dutch teams.

Steffen Peters and the KWPN Dutch Warmblood Udon, Robert Dover and Metallic a KWPN Dutch Warmblood by Uniform, Michele Gibson with the great late Peron, the Trakehner stallion by Mahagoni, and Guenter Seidel with Graf George, a Hanoverian by Graphit.

The American Dressage Team have proven themselves a world power, especially considering these achievements were made with different horse and rider combinations each time out with the exception of Carol Lavell and Gifted in 1992 and 1994.

DressageDaily salutes our team's past accomplishments and wishes them the best in their quest for the Sydney Olympics.

Photo by Jim Hathaway

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