Look Who's New to Who's Who: Tracy Rowe-McEwan

Tracy Rowe McEwan started riding when she was a little girl. She didn't know it then, but she began practicing dressage before she could pronounce the word. The complete training of the horse came to her first through watching and imitating her parents Sharon and Jim, who both trained with Dorita Konyot, a member of the world famous Konyot family of horse trainers.

Tracy Rowe is renowned for training problem horses. Tracy finds great satisfaction in bringing such horses back to being a pleasure to ride by using consistent, correct training methods coupled with a lot of patience and kindness. "Never hold a grudge," has always been the Rowe's motto. “If the horse balked yesterday and you finally won the battle, get on him today with the idea that the horse will perform well. If you think, ‘you're going to balk again aren't you,' when you get on, chances are the horse will get the unspoken message and oblige.

Tracy refuses to fall into the trap of increasing force, which means the harder you push the harder you have to pull. She is committed to the classical method of slow training and does not fall for quick fixes or fads that guarantee single flying changes or passage and piaffe in a few easy weeks. "You may get the movement," Sharon comments, "but it will be mechanical and the horse will gradually become sullen and rebellious."

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