Look Who's New in Who's Who: Dr. Cesar Parra

Cesar Parra grew up in the Andes Mountains in Colombia, in the capital city of Bogota. He was educated at Harvard University. He then continued his education at Boston University, where he also taught. Practicing Dentistry in Bogota, Parra started riding again as stress relief from his job.

In 1995 he met Linda Zang while she was visiting Colombia as part of the FEI World Dressage Challenge, a program that sends FEI judges to developing countries. Zang recognized Parra's talent and helped him to arrange to train in Germany. Parra began by training with Herbert Rehbein in Germany for half of each year.

From then on, Parra's equestrian career took a flight. He went on to help his team win the silver medal at the Pan American Games in Winnipeg in 1999 and now lives in the United States with his wife. His winters are spent at Diamond Hill Farms in Jupiter, FL, and are now headed for Day by Day Farm in Sussex County, New Jersey for the summer.

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