"Look at the Whole Test, Not Just Piaffe and Passage"

Hubertus Schmidt is not only one of the most tactful and elegant dressage riders, ever; he is also an exceptionally charming and approachable human being. Chris Hector of the Australian Horse Magazine was grateful that Hubertus took time out from a very busy Aachen schedule, where he was under enormous pressure with the German team selection process still grinding along, to record a very special interview.

Hector wrote: "Thankfully, Hubertus made the German team and for many dressage fans his performances in Athens with the mare, Wansuela Suerte stood out like a beacon at a time when many feel that some of the real qualities of dressage are under threat. It was an issue that was first on my mind when I talked with Hubertus at Aachen…"

As opening question to his interview, Hector asked Hubertus the following: "At the moment in the world of dressage there is a big discussion about ‘competition’ dressage and ‘classical’ dressage – we are seeing some horses winning covered with sweat and really tense – but you always seem to produce your horses in the classical way?"

Hubertus replied: “ I hope so. I think it is dangerous what sometimes happens, when we see the judges prefer a horse with spectacular gaits, instead of the horse that is really through and supple. I think there is a discussion around this subject, and I hope this discussion goes in the right direction. The good thing is that this is being talked about – that is a first step. Something will change. You have to look at the whole test, not just piaffe and passage – and you don’t want to see that the whole of the time the horse is tense. That the horse is strong the whole time, not really loose… the discussion has started and I hope that will help change a few minds.”

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