Longines Global Champions Tour Takes Mexico


Mexico City, Mexico - In a chic setting at El Palacio de Hierro, Federico Fernandez, Jan Tops, Álvaro Arrieta, Edwina Tops Alexander and Nino Bauti presented the Longines Global Champions Tour to an exclusive audience.

Situated in front of the Tane storefront the panel spoke about all the elements that have come together to bring the world’s finest in show jumping to Mexico With two days until launch, the excitement is building fast for the inaugural LGCT Mexico.

As the many months of preparation come together, both Federico Fernandez, one of Mexico’s veteran show jumpers and avid supporter of the sport, and Global Champions Tour founder and former Olympian, Jan Tops, thanked the parties who have worked tirelessly to bring this magnificent level of sport to Mexico City, which is namely the partnership between Oxer and Promo Mexico. Álvaro Arrieta, CEO of Oxer, spoke about the preparation becoming a reality.

Edwina Tops Alexander, who won the first leg of the 2016 LGCT Miami Beach just last weekend, explained her position as both a rider and as wife to Jan.

“It’s a privilege to be here as a rider; I am very happy to be here.  It wasn’t a difficult trip for the riders or the horses from Miami. “ Alexander explained. “I know what it takes to put these shows together - I live and breathe it with Jan.  It takes a lot of effort but it is worth it.” She concluded by saying “Hopefully Lintea Tequila likes Mexico!”  Having a name synonymous with one of Mexico’s well-known libations, she could have a clear advantage.

When asked about the change in altitude for the horses, from Miami’s 1.2m above sea level to Mexico City’s 2,250m, both Jan and Edwina agreed, these top horses have the blood and stamina to make that transition.

Those who excel at the variety of locations and environments along the tour are truly the best show jumpers in the world.  Post-conference, Edwina commented that the change may be good for some of the hotter horses, like her own mare Lintea Tequila. This second stop on the illustrious tour will not only host a 2* and a 5* competition, with a list of the world’s top-ranked show jumpers,  the event also presents the second leg of the brand new Global Champions League competition.

A pioneer in presenting top show jumping sport, and founder of the Global Champions Tour, Jan Tops explained how this league concept breaks the tradition of show jumping as we know it.  With a unique team aspect never seen in this sport, top riders from different countries unite to compete on the same team throughout the season.

Launching with twelve teams in this first year, the ground- breaking Global Champions League will deliver fascinating tactical battles and fierce rivalries in 15 stunning venues around the globe in 2016.​

The final highlight of the conference was when Nino Bauti, Creative Director of Tane, a name synonymous with luxury and quality in superb silversmith work, explained his inspiration for creating the trophy for LGCT Mexico.

The inner circles within the trophy’s center represent perfection. Circles are perfect from start to finish and the winner of this trophy will, as well, represent superb sport from start to finish.  The magnificent silver and marble trophy also fittingly represents the beauty of equestrian sport.

All involved are anxiously looking look forward to opening day of LGCT Mexico, Thursday, April 14.

Visit globalchampionstour.com or globalchampionsleague.com for more information