Long-Time Friends and Clients

Kenneth McGrath - Dressage Rider, Trainer, Clinician

Deanna Landwehr has known Ken for more than 12 years.  When they met, Deanna had an Arabian gelding that she was schooling at Grand Prix.  The pair had learned together and came up the ranks together.  However, the one thing they were struggling with was their one tempi changes.  “I saw an ad in a magazine that Ken had placed, and it said he had a Grand Prix school horse available for lessons,” Deanna says.  “I showed up with my Arab as well as my Trakehner who was doing Prix St. Georges, and Ken said ‘Well, let’s see you ride this Quarter Horse first’.”  Once Deanna proved that she was a capable rider, Ken gave her a leg-up on his Grand Prix Hanoverian stallion, Rico.  Before long Rico taught her how to ride the ones, and as a result she was able to put them on her Arab.  Since then Deanna has had Ken come to her barn in central Wisconsin for clinics and they've established a great friendship.  In 2006 Deanna purchased her current FEI horse from Ken.  Quartz 5 is an Oldenburg gelding by Quattro B.
Photo Credit: Dave O'Melia

“He is just so straight-forward,” she says.  “He is calm and matter-of-fact about everything.  He is very classical and has a way of bringing out the best in a horse and rider.  He inspires confidence.  There is no pressure, and you’re never overwhelmed.  He has these tiny pearls of wisdom that make all the difference.  Ken is the most down-to-earth person I’ve ever met in the Dressage world.”

Ken’s Favorites