Loic Castelain Wins International Friendly Driving Event for Disabled People

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This morning the Hippodrome of Amiens was the stage of an international friendly driving event for disabled people. This competition is part of the side programme of the FEI World Pair Driving Championships in Conty. French driver Loic Castelain won this competition, driving his northern draft horse (Trait du Nord) Riensc du Herom.

World Championship organiser Allain Houard from Conty took the initiative for this competition, which was supported by the Conseil Général.  Nine disabled Grade 1 and 2 competitors drove a short dressage test with their horses and ponies, followed by an ‘outdoor indoor’ competition on time.  After their dressage test, the competitors went immediately into the second arena for an exciting course, existing of cones gates and one mobile marathon obstacle.  Alain Chouzenoux, father of World Championship competitor Stéphane Chouzenoux who is on the French team in Conty, had designed a nice and challenging course for the single and pair competitors.

The competition was very much appreciated by the competitors, their team members, the officials and the spectators who were present at the Hippodrome this morning. The second place was taken by Aline Betthune driving Hugo, a French pony. Christian Deveaux finished third with Queline D’ebruyere.

Photo:  Loic Castelain by Alain Martin, Attelages magazines