Living with HorsePower!

Personally Empowering Life Lessons Learned from the Horse
Rebekah F. Witter
By economic and logical standards, involvement with horses nowadays is crazy: they are unpredictable, expensive, and obsolete. So why do people still have horses? What compels them to ride, drive, jump, breed, and love these beasts? Rebekah Witter, who conducted nearly a hundred interviews with "horse people," gives you the answer. It's HorsePower!-powerful life lessons of horsemanship that strengthen the human mind, body, and spirit.
The text is filled with anecdotes, quotes, and insights from many of the horse world's most notable people including:
Monty Roberts, Linda Tellington-Jones, John Lyons, Sally Swift, Roy Rogers & Dale Evans, Jane Savoie, William Steinkraus, Anne Kursinski, Sam Savitt, Michael Plumb and many more.

Rebekah Witter, a lifelong horse lover, is now an equine journalist and writer. She lives in Northern California and is currently undergoing the transition from an empty nest to a full barn.

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