Little Everglades Fun In The Country Drive-January 9th, 2011

Little Everglades will again host the Fun In The Country Drive on January 9th,  2011. Bring your horses, ponies, mules, and minis and have a great time driving over pristine Florida landscape. It can be a great training opportunity or just a beautiful drive through gorgeous country. If you missed the drive last year then be sure to add the January 9th, 2011 Fun In The Country Dive to your calendar. You won't be disappointed!

How about a day in the beautiful protected countryside of Old Florida. Towering Oaks, wetlands abound and the wildlife moves easily through the landscape. We have 2000 acres of protected land here that we will showcase again in 2011 in a driving venue that uses all parts of the land. Flat hay fields, great driving clay roads, shaded woods formed with lovely oaks stretching their powerful limbs skyward forming a beautiful setting to drive.

We have a large cattle scale and everyone had a great time going through it last year and having their carriage and horse weighed!  It's part of the drive. We will keep everything very wide and unassuming so beginners can just have a very successful outing and advance drivers can do some fun miles and have a good relaxing day. May have a simple dressage test, then continue on to next task, which could be some cones in a large hayfield, then past all the international obstacles used for the LE International Combined Driving Event which will be in February 2011. On the cross country drive watch for deer, coyote, hawks and yes, an eagle does hunt over our ranch-can never tell when but seen often, might be your lucky day! We are looking forward to all you joining us and sharing the ranch with you.

Entry fees are $45.00. Wash racks are plentiful, come drive with us!

Entries are available at and you can download the WAIVER FORM BY CLICKING HERE!

SW Florida Whips Fun Pleasure Show Saturday, January 8th, 2011-
Come for the Fun Pleasure Show and stay for the Fun In The Country Drive the next day. A whole weekend of driving fun!