Lisa Goldman Wins $25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix with Centurion B and Brookledge Welcome on Morocco

Lisa Goldman and Morocco go double clear in the Brook Ledge Open Welcome. (c) ESI Photography
Lisa Goldman and Morocco go double clear in the Brook Ledge Open Welcome. (c) ESI Photography

Ocala, Florida (January 23, 2015): Lisa Goldman of Hawthorn Woods, Illinois, is on a hot streak with her American breds Morocco and Centurion B at HITS Ocala.  Goldman’s time of 29.218 seconds in the Brook Ledge Open Welcome on Wednesday was more than two seconds faster than Hoolie Hoo, owned by C.F. Farms, and ridden by Olympic veteran Ian Millar of Canada, who was second with a time of 31.664. Goldman was also third on her own Zacantos Z with a clear jump off time of 31.961.

“I have had both of these horses since they were very young. Morocco is by Roc USA and bred by Nancy Whitehead. He came up through the young jumper ranks and has won Grand Prix all over the place. I don’t ever think about going fast with him, he’s just a really fast horse. He’s a speedball,” said Goldman.

Seven of the competitors had clear first rounds with five going double clear. Riders praised the Brook Ledge Open Welcome course designed by Manuel Esparza, of Mexico, who said, “The Welcome Class sets the bar for a great week of competition to come.”

$25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix
The $25,000 Smart Pak Grand Prix, held in the Ocala Horse Properties Stadium, boasted 33 competitors vying for their share of the prize money. Goldman came out on top again, this time aboard Centurion B whom she has had since he was a 2-year-old.

Lisa Goldman and Centurion B take the $25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix at the HITS Ocala January Festival. (c) ESI Photography
Lisa Goldman and Centurion B take the $25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix at the HITS Ocala January Festival. (c) ESI Photography

Eight riders advanced to the jump off over Esparza’s first round course of 15 jumping efforts. Goldman said, “I love Manuel’s courses. He’s a great course designer. It was bigger than I thought it was going to be. I watched Tracy Fenney go first in the jump off and she was really fast. I didn’t think her time could be beaten.”

Fenney of Flower Mound, Texas, was aboard last week’s HITS $50,000 Grand Prix winner MTM Centano. In the SmartPak Grand Prix, her time of 36.997 earned her second place and $6,500.

The jump off was exciting to the end. Goldman was last to go and Centurion B crossed the timers in 36.046 for first place and a check for $7,500. She also praised the sponsor, SmartPak, whose products are used by all the horses in her barn. Ian Millar, of Canada, on Baranus, owned by the Baranus Group, took home a check for $3,250 in third place with a time of 38.270.

$25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix
Place   Horse   Owner   Rider     Prize  Round 1 Faults   JO Faults   JO Time
1  Centurion B   Mary Goldman    Lisa Goldman   $7,500  0  0  36.046
2  MTM Centano   MTM Farm     Tracy Fenney   $5,500   0  0  36.997
3  Baranus   The Baranus Group   Ian Millar   $3,250  0  0  38.270
4  As Di Chupito  North Face Farm  Erin Haas  $2,000  0  0  41.727
5  Troya Retiro   Juan Pablo Betancourt     Juan Pablo Betancourt    $1,500   0  0      42.086  
6  Cassevel    Maddie Skimming   Derek Petersen     $1,250   0     0   43.514
7  Quidam's Good Luck   Troy Glaus   Aaron Vale     $1,000   0     4   37.488
8  I Love Lucy   Hays Investment Corp.     Hunter Holloway   $750  0  4   37.723
9  S & L Elite   S & L Farms (CT)  Dorothy Douglas     $750  1     *  *
10  Morocco   Lisa Goldman     Lisa Goldman  $500   4  *   *
11  VDL Torlando   Torlando Group   Callan Solem   $500   4   *  *
12  Fons Van't Gey Zever   Chuck & Dana Waters     Daniel Damen  $500   4  *  *

$2,500 Brook Ledge Open Welcome
Place   Horse   Owner   Rider     Prize   Round 1 Faults   JO Faults   JO Time
1  Morocco    Lisa Goldman     Lisa Goldman  $750    0   0   29.218   
2  Hoolie Hoo   C.F. Farms   Ian Millar   $450  0  0     31.664   
3  Zacantos Z   Lisa Goldman   Lisa Goldman   $300   0   0   31.961
4  Wild Card   Hollberg Equestrian   Thaisa Erwin     $250   0   0   32.016
5  Bahrain 8  Seth Vallhonrat     Daniel Damen   $225   0   0   33.745
6  Cooper   Devin Ryan    Devin Ryan     $200   0   4   29.618
7  HH Dauphin   Woodrun   Laura Linback   $175   0   4   33.160
8  Courage     Sycamore Station, LLC       Callan Solem   $150   1   *   *
9  As Di Chupito   North Face Farm   Erin Haas   *     2   *  *
10  Bill Clinton   Koyo Investment Group   David Tromp   *  3     *   *
11  B Amelusina   Horseshoe Trail Partners   Callan Solem     *   3   *   *
12  Rocs to Riches     Lisa Goldman   Lisa Goldman   *   4   *     *