Lionshare Dressage Seeking Two Special Horses To Purchase for Clients

Dressage trainers Caroline Roffman and Endel Ots of Lionshare Dressage in Wellington, Florida are seeking horses for purchase for two clients. “We always set out to find the perfect horse for our clients,” explains Roffman. “In recent trips abroad we found a number of nice horses, but we are still seeking horses for two clients,” added Ots after his most recent trip to four European countries, “We thought by putting the word out to the major dressage websites we might hear about horses from smaller breeders and trainers that we do not have a relationship with yet”. Ots explains that they have two professional clients seeking similar younger international prospects. “We are seeking FEI young horse prospects between the ages of 6 and 9 years old, that truly possess international competition potential."

"Naturally, we are looking for horses with three exceptional gaits and an excellent work ethic. These prospects must be impeccably sound and able to pass a rigorous pre-purchase exam. Both riders would prefer a gelding or a mare, as their interests are in competition and not breeding. The horses will have excellent exposure internationally in the show ring, which could be an excellent reflection on the breeder’s program or the sire.” With that said Ots added, “Both buyers would prefer not to have horses with strong Jazz or Sandro Hit breeding”.

Finding just the right horse is always very satisfying for the team at Lionshare Dressage. By advertising for “horses wanted” Roffman and Ots hope to find “hidden gems” that will be a match for buyer and seller. If you have a horse that is for sale that meets the criteria outlined please contact Lionshare Dressage immediately to submit information and current videos.  Visit or call Endel Ots in the U.S. at 920-562-5714 or email Caroline Roffman in the US at 617-633-1003 or email

“These riders are eager to get horses early in the year, so we hope to hear from sellers with potential horses as quickly as possible so we can make arrangements for trials and hopefully have our clients working on their “dream horses” in the next month or so’” adds Ots.