Lillian Floyd and TEN Century Club Rides!

Obbligato, Lillian and Epos

Lillian Floyd celebrated the older horse during the summer of 2014 with TEN Century Club Rides! Her theme for the horses was “one more time in the spotlight…one more ribbon for a job well done.” It all started with a horse named Epos. Epos was a wonderful Hanoverian Grand Prix schoolmaster. He belonged to Lillian’s daughter, Suzy Floyd, a USDF Silver Medalist, dressage trainer and L* judge who lives in Brookeville, Maryland, and owns MeadoWood Dressage.

When Lillian was in her late 60s, she realized that when she was 70, Epos would be 30. Thus, they would be eligible for The Dressage Foundation’s Century Club Ride. Unfortunately, Epos passed away when he was 29 and Lillian’s dream was not to be realized. Well, two years later, Lillian was riding a 28-yearold Thoroughbred and did her first Century Ride in Wellington, Florida, as Team #68.

At that time, Lillian said, “One is never too old to realize a dream.” How apropos that this horse was named Dreamer. Fast forward 5 years. Lillian is 77 and her daughter’s Anglo/Arab is 23, therefore adding up to the magic number 100. That is whenLillian got the idea that she would like to spend the summer of 2014 celebrating the older horse and rider (although Lillian prefers the word vintage to older).

So that summer, she completed 10 Century Rides in Maryland. It was quite an undertaking. In addition to her own mare, Moonshine, Suzy found 9 more eligible horses through clients and friends. These owners were so excited about having their horses participate in the Century Ride and the horses were simply amazing. Their ages ranged from 23 to 36 and were a combination of mares, geldings and even a stallion. There were 2 Hanoverians, 2 Thoroughbreds, 1 Anglo/Arab, 1 Morgan, 1 Appaloosa, 1 Connemara/Arab and 2 Quarter Horses.

Lillian started riding in 1947 in New York and continued riding through college in Colorado. During her first career as a New York model, she did not have much time to ride. Subsequently, she had her daughter, Suzy, who chose dressage as her career after completing college.

While working in management and marketing, Lillian also completed her B.S. and M.A. and managed to ride occasionally during this time. Now that she is retired, she is kept busy as a competitive ballroom dancer, a showgirl for the Broadway Ziegfeld Entertainers, and President of the Boca Delray Music Society. She now lives in Wellington, Florida, where she trains with dressage instructor Marcel van der Burgh.

Although busy with her many activities, horses will always be an important part of her life. Lillian feels that no matter the age, one should always have goals so that accomplishments can be celebrated. With reference to the Century Club, this also applies to the wonderful older horses who are our prized companions and who still have so much to offer. In fact, when Lillian turns 80, she is looking forward to doing a Century Ride with her daughter’s Dutch Warmblood, Obbligato. Lillian’s best advice: “Keep looking beyond the horizon.”