A Life Full of Horses

Lynndee Kemmet
Journalist, Photographer, Trainer

The first horse her parents bought her when she was 11 was a half-Arabian named Tisaan whose favorite past-time was bucking her off. But Lynndee always got back on, even with the broken bones, and soon the pair were inseparable. Her parents insisted she join 4-H to receive some proper equestrian guidance and in no time Lynndee and Tisaan were busy on the local show circuit. However, as much as Lynndee loved attending horse shows with her 4-H friends, Tisaan frequently expressed his distaste for competition by leaving the ring. He preferred their day-long trail rides through the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

During college, Lynndee gained experience in another area of equestrian sports by working at a race horse farm as a groom and exercise rider. The job provided her with the horse “fix” she needed, since as a poor college student she couldn’t afford a horse of her own. But once she graduated and landed her first full-time job as a newspaper reporter in Southern California, Lynndee went horse hunting. What she found was an Appaloosa-Quarter Horse cross with a talent for both jumping and dressage and that gave her the opportunity to train and compete in both equestrian disciplines. The Appaloosa is now retired from competition but others have come along behind him and Lynndee has moved from amateur rider to professional. Today, she focuses most on dressage and co-owns Har-Lynn Farms, a training facility in New York that specializes in the training of young horses and the retraining of problem horses.