A Letter from H. Rick Albertson, EAF Recipient Since Nov. 2010

We all hope it never happens, but there may come a time in our lives when we need to turn to a friend for help.This is what the EAF is to me - a friend. Ever since I was diagnosed with lymphoma and leukemia in 2007, my battle had been a long one and a true struggle to survive. In June 2010, I was extremely fortunate to receive a stem cell transplant at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. The transplant saved my life, but my life hasn't been what it used to be for quite some time. I was told that the procedure would be difficult, that it would be painful and that for at least one year my immune system would be seriously compromised. I would not be able to leave the house for fear of infection. I needed to remain in an antiseptic environment. Grass and dirt were dangerous. The stable was totally off limits. The smallest cut or injury could cause me to bleed to death. This is not good news to a man who earns his living riding and training horses.

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