Lessons Learned

Patricia Becker

As her clientele built Patti began to realize the importance of quality instruction and investment into her students. “I like to be a good teacher and not just a coach. I want them to learn feel instead of just pushing the buttons. I really encourage them to ask questions when they don’t understand.”

Patti also realized the importance of building a good, honest name based on integrity and talented riding skill. Patti grasped the significance of building sound relationships with her clients and the constant personal goal to be more humble in everything she does.


Patti travels to do clinics and teaches her students helping them at shows, she also belives in the importance of keeping to her own training regimine. "I have seen some young professionals starting out, travelling constantly doing clinics, at the expense of their own riding careers." said Patti. "I believe it is just as important to my career as a trainer and teacher, to keep my own horses and riding going, so I do not go away more than once a onth, and try not to miss too many days in the saddle."