Leslie Reid and Mark, 2004 Devon Grand Prix Freestyle Champions

Devon debutante Leslie Reid made a lasting impression on the sell out crowd of five thousand people that visited 2004 Dressage at Devon on Saturday evening for the Grand Prix Freestyle. Riding a correct, clean freestyle of a fairly high technical level, Reid received a generous score of 77.500% and had an almost 5% point difference to second placed Michael Barisone on Neruda.

Riding the dark bay gelding Mark, the Canadian Leslie Reid won the Grand Prix for Freestyle on Friday with 70.50%. Her kur to Music, which was based on flute music and Spanish castanet themes, was challenging for the horse as it included strings of collection and extension sections, demanding the highest degree of concentration and input from the horse.

In the freestyle, Mark's passage could have been a bit more collected as it e appeared to be rushed at times. One canter pirouette was a bit large and the extended walk could have shown more overtrack. However, overall Mark and Reid showed a very harmonious ride with no major mistakes.

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