Les talents Hermès-Tobias’ Dream

Of all the stars that the German team came to the Grand Palais with, it was the youngest amongst them who first earned the honour of hearing the German national anthem underneath the glass roof. Today, Tobias Meyer was living the dream.

The 22-year-old Bavarian has been a professional rider for two and a half years, supported by the Puschak family that entrusted him with today’s winner Aluta, a 10-year-old mare. “She’s a horse with many successes under her belt at Grand Prix level. It was my dream to compete here, but to win was even more amazing.”

The victory not only pleased the group of German experts, but also world number 5, Pius Schwizer: “He is a sort of mentor to me. I admire his riding style and he often gives me advice during competitions. Today, he coached me and arranged the fences in the paddock. I really appreciated his help.” Young Tobias had stars in his eyes and would not stop repeating: “I’m living the dream, I’m living the dream!”