Lendon Gray and Michael Poulin Pair Up to Provide "Proper Introductions"

Adults, Juniors, Young Riders and Instructors in search of perfecting their partnership with their horses now have an outstanding opportunity to participate in a reality-based dressage symposium conducted by two of our nation's most famous competitors and trainers-Lendon Gray and Michael Poulin at Gray's training facility in Bedford, New York, on May 18 and 19, 2002.

The focus of the symposium will be the Proper Introduction of Movements to Horses and Riders. Gray and Poulin will work with all possible combinations of horses and riders to demonstrate and instruct how the training scale is employed to further the education and development of the horse and rider pair. Are you a rider struggling to introduce your green horse to leg yields, half passes and flying changes? Are you an instructor straining to teach your student rein-backs, shoulder-ins, counter canter and pirouettes? How do you teach the rider and train the horse at the same time? Are you riders aware that you are simultaneously students of dressage and trainers of your horses? What are the proper pre-requisites before starting something new? Examine your practice - exactly what is it you are training your horse to do? Many riders will be surprised by the answer to this simple question!

Gray and Poulin are a perfect pair to conduct this symposium. Gray, a two-time Olympian, is also the winner of more national championships than any other rider in the United States, all on self-trained horses. An examiner for the USDF's Instructor Certification program, Gray has also written numerous articles and authored the extremely popular series with Practical Horseman for a number of years. Poulin, who attributes his success to self-discipline, developed Graf George, a 17 hand Hanoverian gelding, from the start of his career and then rode for the United States' bronze medal team in 1992 at the Barcelona Olympics.

To better share their years of experience, expertise and success, Gray and Poulin will conduct the symposium as a true "training conference" by guiding the horse and rider pairs through a series of level-appropriate movements with the training pyramid in mind. Handouts will be distributed and Q-and-A sessions will be run. Audience participation is virtually a pre-requisite to maximizing the learning experience, so, pay attention, as Gray and Poulin have been known to ask as well as answer some tough training questions! Not just any ordinary "hands-on" symposium, Proper Introductions is surely to be a seat-on, brain-on and heart-open experience for all as well.

by Theresa Davidson

Registration fees for two days are $65 for juniors, $100 for adults. One-day fees are $35 for juniors, $65 for adults. A group of four riders may register for the two-day symposium at the rate of $195 for 4 juniors and $300 for 4 adults. To receive these rates, envelopes must be postmarked by May 10, 2002. On-site registration fees for two days are $75 for juniors, $125 adults; and for one day, fees are $50 for juniors and $75 for adults. Checks should be made payable to USDF REGION 8.

For reservations and information contact:
Fern Feldman at 203-272-0711 or email FernF@cox.net
Ruth Toporoff at 914-666-2191 (leave message during day; calls will be returned between 7PM and 9PM.) or email at Ruthtop@aol.com.

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