Learning the Essence of Classical Riding

Oded Shimoni - International Dressage Rider/Trainer

He knows from experience that young riders absorb and process information very quickly. “I feel a great responsibility to make sure my riders learn the essence of classical riding. I’ll show in Florida and continue working to develop horses and riders with high aspirations.” No one walks away from his training without having improved. He works with many riders and is always willing to help someone who is having difficulty.

Oded has been challenged with interesting horses through the years. Students feel he helps them exceed their expectations and they leave the ring feeling more empowered than when they entered. Shimoni encourages his riders to “find a place to be satisfied” and build from there. Focusing on imperfections is an automatic forfeiture of confidence and the opportunity to become a skilled rider. “When a rider grasps this concept,” Shimoni says, “it can be a huge turning point for that person, and naturally for their horse.”

Tranquility has to come first. This is established in horses through routine and ritual. If you ride your program at home with the same strategy every day and you maintain the same routine when you go to a show, your horse will feel secure and confident. Inner tranquility breeds confidence, and from this you have the platform on which to build a polished performance. The Shimoni system works because it is based on compassion for the horse, consistency, clear training goals and manageable workloads.

Along with extensive experience and consistent success, Oded always brings a sense of adventure to his training sessions. His love of the sport and enthusiasm is not lost on his students, whether two-legged or four! “I believe it is time to put something back into the sport that has been good to me and which I love. I shall do whatever I can to help improve riding that in turn will benefit the horses. After all, it is the horses who are the real competitors.”

Oded's Favorites