A Leader in the Equestrian World

George Williams

In addition to a full schedule in his equestrian career and an active family life, George has been one of the leading forces in promoting dressage in the United States. Currently, he is Vice President of the United States Dressage Federation. For many years, George and Anne Gribbons co-chaired the AHSA Equestrian Dressage Committee. He is now Chair of the USEF High Performance Committee and co-vice chair of the Technical Dressage Committee and is on the Board of Directors of the USEF.

Despite all these multiple roles and busy life, George has never lost sight of what matters most in his dressage career – the horses. “It's a joke in our family," said Roberta Williams, "Whenever George is working with a horse, or is talking to Roxy, his dog, he'll stand there and say: 'You are my favorite’, and he has said that if he ever wrote a book, it would be called, You Are My Favorite; each chapter would be about a different horse."

“Each horse has a different personality,” says George. “Horses have pretty much meant everything to me. They have shared basically all aspects of my life – as a boy growing up, my first adventures away from home as a young man, my career as an adult, and I met my wife through horses. They are the reason I live where I live. I can't think of much that they have not influenced. I feel very fortunate, for how many people can make a career out of their passion?”

George's Favorites