Le Grand Complet 2010 – CICW3* of Martinvast: Let’s move to Le Pin!

It’s now henceforth acquired: the prestigious national stud farm of Le Pin (south of Normandy, France) will welcome from 19 to 22 August 2010 a new event.  After 14 years of success in Martinvast (near Cherbourg), the famous Grand Complet, the very first Eventing WorldCup Stage organized in the world, moves to this new place, 150km further in the south but still in the same region.  USTICA, the organizing committee, had had to cancel its show in 2009 due to calendar date.

This year, it will definitively take place in Le Pin, where the European Eventing Championships took place in 1969.  The main role of the non-profit association USTICA has always been to organize eventing competitions.  The cancellation of the show last year let a void in the national and  international calendar.  USTICA had to start up again and keep everybody's motivation.

The organizing committee was very attached to its show which grew up from 1995 to 2008, which has developped into a leading event on the international scene, attracting more than 15,000 spectators, and around 300 horses and the best eventing riders from all over Europe. So USTICA has decided to find a new show ground to insure the best sporty conditions.

For economical and technical reasons, the association has decided to choose the national stud farm of Le Pin to host the three classes of the schedule (CIC1*/CIC2*/CICW3*). The national stud farm of Le Pin is one the most ancient stud farm in France and welcomes between 80,000 and 100,000 visitors a year. There are wonderful facilities, new sand arenas for training and competition, permanent stables and hundreds acres of grass for a brilliant cross-country course.

This new project has received the full support of local authorities (Region of Basse Normandie, Department of Orne) and of the National Stud Farm now called French Institute for Horse and Horse Riding, owner of the stud farm. USTICA remains the organizer of the show and will bring skills and know-how from its members. Important works and planning will be carried through to guaranty spectators and riders the best conditions.

What we call now in French  Le Grand Complet – Haras national du Pin will be after all, a sort of rehearsal four years before the World Equestrian Games scheduled in Normandy in 2014.