Laura Pfeiffer and Anberlin Win Two For Two

Traverse City, MI - The spacious Grand Prix Ring at Flintfields Horse Park hosted another exciting day of jumper competition at the Horse Shows by the Bay Equestrian Festival on Saturday as the junior and amateur-owner jumper riders showed in the classics for their divisions. The $5,000 NAL Low Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Classic ran first, sponsored by Turtle Creek Casino, with a big win for Samantha Oliva and her horse Javelot D'Helby. The $10,000 SJHOF Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Prix followed, sponsored by Hagyard Equine Medical Institute of Lexington, KY, with a victory for Laura Pfeiffer and Anberlin.

Showing over an intricate track set by course designer Guilherme Jorge, the $10,000 SJHOF Junior/AO Jumper Prix saw just four entries jump clear in the first round. Soulshine and Courntey Frederick were the first pair to return for the jump-off and took down one rail for a total of four faults in 43.269 seconds to finish in third. Paige Johnson and Amagedon 3 returned next, but had an unfortunate knock down at the first fence to finish with four faults in 38.128 seconds to finish in second. Sarah Bagworth and Untouchable had a refusal in the jump-off and finished with four jumping and three time faults in 52.134 seconds to eventually finish in fourth place. Completing the class, week one winners Laura Pfeiffer and Anberlin returned last, but a rail at the second fence left the duo with four faults. They then raced through the rest of the course in order to finish with the fastest round in 36.243 seconds for the win.

"I thought the course was good today; I really liked it," Pfeiffer stated. "It got technical toward the end so you had to stay on your toes, it was not a give-me course, but I thought it was a very good course."

"I went in to the jump-off knowing that I either had to be clean or be faster than the other four faulters, so after I had fence two down I was like well, scratch the going clean and smart, we are going! I just had to keep the rest of the jumps up and go for it, and she was really good," Pfeiffer smiled. "She is a pretty fast horse; she gets a little long and low, which makes it a little difficult to go fast because she obviously gets low for the jumps, but she can be pretty quick. She is really good at turning and she has a lot of scope, so you can turn as tight as you want and she will hop up over anything."

Pfeiffer rides out of her family's Fox Meadow Farm in Temperance, MI, and shows Anberlin in the Highs and has also ridden the mare in a couple of grand prix classes. She hopes to do Prix de States in Harrisburg this year and also plans on showing in Washington D.C. and Syracuse, NY, this fall at indoors.  Pfeiffer is in her last junior year and wants to make the most out of showing before she starts college. "I want to go pro, but the family might beg to differ," she laughed. "I am on my last summer credit in high school and then I have college in January. I have not decided where I am going yet, but I will definitely go somewhere in Michigan. I want to be close to the family, the farm, and I want to be able to come back and keep doing the grand prixs and start in the professional divisions."

After winning the Junior/AO Prix for the second week in a row, Pfeiffer plans to go for the third class in the series next week. "We will definitely go for the third one and hopefully we can go three for three," she said. "We have two now, so we have to go for the third!"

Also competing on Saturday, the $5,000 NAL Low Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Classic saw six horses jump clear in the first round to return for a jump-off. Top finishers included Samantha Oliva and Javelot D'Helby, who won the class with double clear rounds and a jump-off time of 36.994 seconds. Laura Pfeiffer finished in second place with her Low horse Imprimis, jumping double clear in 37.118 seconds. Third place honors went to Kealy Tomeu riding Sienna to a clear jump-off in 37.642 seconds, and fourth place was awarded to Lisa Kent and Balaika Du Ry for their time of 37.744 seconds.

Class winner Samantha Oliva is 16 years old and rides with trainer Lynn Jayne in Illinois. Oliva's horse, Jalevot D'Helby, is a 12-year-old Warmblood gelding that Oliva has owned for a year and a half. "He was really good today," Oliva stated. "On the first course we were a little slow; we finished in 77 seconds, right under the 78-second time allowed, but for the second course he just jumped up and stepped right up to the plate."

Oliva shows a lot in the equitation divisions and noted that this was her first show back in a couple of months. "I have not been showing a lot, so this was a good way to start it off," she smiled. "I have never been to Traverse City before and I think it is lovely. It is a really nice horse show and it is definitely a good environment for the horses."

The times were fast in the jump-off, but Oliva and Jalevot D'Helby left out a stride in the first line that made the difference in their win. "Down the first line we planned to do ten strides, but the nine was right there, so he just kind of left it out for me," Oliva noted. "We swung right back around and it worked out well. He was such a good boy."

The 2010 Horse Shows by the Bay Equestrian Festival will conclude its second week of hunter/jumper competition on Sunday with the week's highlight event, the $30,000 Grand Traverse Bay Grand Prix. For more information, please visit


|1  597 ANBERLIN  LAURA PFEIFFER  FOX MEADOW FARM  0  0  0  80.0904  0  4  36.243
2  532  AMAGEDON 3   PAIGE JOHNSON  SALAMANDER FARM   0  0  0  77.7734  0  4  38.128
3  697  SOULSHINE  COURTNEY FREDERICK   EQUESTRIAN INVESTMENTS, LLC   0  0  0   86.5234  0  4  43.269
4  641  UNTOUCHABLE  SARAH BAGWORTH   SARAH BAGWORTH  0   0   0   0.000   4   3   7   52.134
5  910  UPIDO  TAYLOR FLURY   ALIBOO FARM, INC  4  0  4   77.3700  0  0.000 
6    80  UDORA   FAITH STEWART   FAITH STEWART  4  0  4  81.5310  0  0.000 
7  234  CORSAVITA  DENISE WILSON   BLUE GATE FARM LLC  8  0  8  79.8370   0  0.000   
8  548  OLYMPIC LAD  LISA KENT  LISA KENT   8  0  8  84.1050   0   0.000   


1  744  JAVELOT D'HELBYSAMANTHA OLIVASAMANTHA OLIVA  0  0  0 77.2720  0  0 36.994
2  421  IMPRIMIS   LAURA PFEIFFER    WINDSWEPT FARM   0  0  0  76.7320  0  0  37.118
3  556  SIENNA   KAELY TOMEU   SPY COAST FARM   0  0   0   71.9050  0  0  37.642
4  547  BALAIKA DU RY   LISA KENT   LISA KENT  0  0  0  75.3660  0 0 37.744
5  680  PATRIOT K   EMILY KINCH   EMILY KINCH  0  0  0  75.6410  0 0 38.858
6  817  CRAVERA Z  LAUREN JACOB    AUREN JACOB  0  0  0  72.7994  0 4  38.358
7  607  OBELIA  ARAH BELLAMY  SARAH BELLAMY  0  1 1   78.888                                                
8  750  PAPAGENO  ANNA LEVYMAGGIE LEVY  4  0  4  69.576      

The NAL offers a year-long Series in six divisions - Children's Hunter, Adult Hunter presented by Cavalor, Children's Jumper, Adult Jumper, Pony Jumper, and Low Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper. The Series includes classes held at hundreds of horse shows across the United States and Canada.  Finals for all divisions are held at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show in Harrisburg, PA, in October.  Riders need not be members of the NAL to compete in the qualifying classes, but only members earn points toward the year-end finals. With the annual membership fee only $35, most riders join in hopes of earning points that may qualify them for a trip to Harrisburg.  For more information regarding the NAL series, including series specifications, current standings and a list of upcoming events, please call (717) 867-5643, email to or visit

Photo Credit: Laura Pfeiffer Tops $10,000 SJHOF Junior/AO Jumper Prix for Second Week in a Row with Anberlin at Horse Shows by the Bay II. Samantha Oliva Wins $5,000 Low Junior/AO Classic aboard Javelot D'Helby at Horse Shows by the Bay II. Photos © 2010 Lauren Fisher/PMG.