Laura Linback and Cartusch 15 Kick-Off Showplace Fall Classics

Wayne, IL - It was a beautiful day at the Lamplight Equestrian Center in Wayne, Illinois, as the Showplace Fall Classic Championship Horse Show kicked into high gear. Today's highlight event was the $1,500 1.30m Modified Jumper class where Laura Linback took home the top honors aboard Cartusch 15 after completing the fastest double clear effort. This week's exciting events will continue with the $10,000 Welcome Stake and the $25,000 Tapestry Farms Leading Rider Finals Grand Prix.

Today's course was designed by Hector J Loyola which began over a triple bar and also included a liverpool, a double combination, and a triple combination. Four riders were able to master the opening course without fault and advance to the jump-off. The final effort also began over the triple bar and included the double combination as well as a new vertical at the end off of a very sharp turn before riders finished over the liverpool fence.

Steve Schaefer was the first rider to show over the short course with Caribe. The pair made an excellent effort but after slicing the added vertical too sharply they incurred four faults in a time of 38.528 seconds for the fifth place honors. Erin Haas and Quendo, owned by North Face Farms, were next to compete during the jump-off and they were able to top Schaefer by laying down a clear trip, but their time of 41.228 seconds was only good enough for the fourth place award.

Amanda Flint and Chinedine PPZ, owned by Gillian Dunleavy stepped into the ring next and they also managed to leave all the fences standing. They galloped across the finish line in 38.171 seconds to take home the second place prize. The sixth place award went to Sari Polakow and Salouise, owned by Amy Adams, who had an unfortunate eight-fault total during the jump-off.

Next to show over the short course was Laura Linback and her first mount, Ariano owned by Woodrun. The pair made an incredible effort as they left every rail in its cup and stopped the clock at 39.203 seconds, which held up for the third place honors. Linback was also the final rider to qualify with her second mount, Cartusch 15 owned by Woodrun. This time Linback did not hold back and made an incredible inside turn as the duo completed a clear effort. Their amazing time of 37.609 seconds moved them into the lead and they took home today's blue ribbon.

"The first round rode well but my horse was a little over relaxed so by the time the jump-off came I tried to rev him up a little bit," noted Linback. "It was a beautiful course, it rode very nicely. With my first horse I didn't do the inside turn so I wanted to make sure I did that with Cartusch but the rest was easy."

This is the third year that Linback has owned the talented 12-year-old Hanoverian gelding and they have been very successful together. "He wins quite a bit in the Junior/Amateurs and he did the grand prix classes this summer and got some good ribbons," she explained. "We wanted to put him in an easy class today to keep the confidence. He's a different horse everyday, sometimes he's aggressive, sometimes he rides like a wet noodle, and sometimes he's perfect, so I never quite know."

Linback enjoys attending the Showplace Fall Classic Championship Horse Show because it is close to home and offers a wide variety of classes. Later this week she will compete in the $25,000 Tapestry Farms Leading Rider Finals Grand Prix ,which will be held on Saturday, September 18, 2010, in the Grand Prix Ring.

Yesterday the Showplace Fall Classic Championship Horse Show began with an abbreviated schedule that included the first $1,500 1.30m Modified Jumper class. The top prize went to Erin Haas with All of a Sudden, owned by North Face Farm, while Willie Tynan and Cartier Van, owned by Emily Skoggard, earned the second place award. Haas also took home the third place honors with Casino Van De Helle, owned by North Face Farm.

The exciting lineup of events at the Showplace Fall Classic Championship Horse Show will continue tomorrow with the $10,000 Open Welcome Stake. Riders will also have the opportunity to compete in the $5,000 NAL Low Junior/Amateur-Owner Classic and the $500 NAL Pony Jumper Classic. Throughout the week the show will feature "A" rated hunter divisions, four star jumper divisions, and the finals of the $60,000 Showplace Leading Rider Series, and IHJA "A" Equitation Medals.

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$1,500 Open Jumper 1.30m
1    369   Cartusch 15  Woodrun   Laura Linback      
2    151   Chinedine PPZ  Gillian Dunleavy  Amanda Flint
3    367   ARIANO   Woodrun   Laura Linback
4    184   Quendo   North Face Farm   Erin Haas
5    338   CARIBE   Steve Schaefer   Steve Schaefer
6    449   Salouise   Amy Adams Sari Polakow
7    191   Caretina III   Pony Lane Farm   MAGGIE JAYNE
8    182   Romi Z   North Face Farm   Erin Haas
9    181   Contino 46   North Face Farm   Erin Haas
10  364   Carlos   Ken Gorman   Laura Linback

Photo Credit: Laura Linback and Cartusch 15 won the $1,500 1.30m Modified Jumpers at the Showplace Fall Classic Championship Horse Show. Photo By: Rebecca Walton/PMG.