Lars Petersen (DEN) wins in Stuttgart


The fifteenth edition of the "Stuttgart German Masters" international equestrian event November 19-21, 1999, resulted in a victory for Lars Petersen and Blue Hors Cavan in the second World Cup Qualifier of the Western European League. The professional dressage rider from Denmark led the world class entries when he rode an 80.81% Kur to music that gave him the lead. Ulla Salzgeber, who showed her reserve horse Wallstreet, placed second with 78.01% leaving Isabell Werth on Nissan Anthony FRH (77.54%) behind her.

"I have only dreamt of such event," said the winner. "I first thought that Cavan didn't go that well at all, but then he turned out to be the best. I'm so happy to be the winner of this test." This victory in the Kur to Music has been Petersen's greatest achievement along with the bronze team medal at the 1999 European Championships in Arnhem, The Netherlands. His Royal Highness Carl, Duke of Baden Wurttemberg, congratulated the 34-year-old rider. "You have ridden a phenomenal freestyle. It has been an Olympic afternoon for me," the Duke said when handing over the trophy.

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