Kentucky Winter Wonderland Develops Kentucky Headquarters

Last October we announced the purchase of 127 acres in a beautiful section of Kentucky, 90 miles east of Bowling Green in the gorgeous lake and cave region in Adair County. Being Floridians for the past 15 years, there has always been (for me not my Wisconsin born husband) the dread of cold and snow, but for us, whose hearts are truly with this land right now, the beauty of winter is all that we see.

The barren trees have opened up the views, and we can see through the wooded trails to the next pasture lines. There is the sound of water everywhere, as we discover a multitude of springs, branches, and mini waterfalls leading to Rock Lick Creek which flows through our land. For the first week, we had balmy weather with temperatures reaching into the lower 60’s after the sun climbed over the trees.

Our First Snow

But on Saturday, as the light began to introduce the day, snow! A thrill for me who had hoped to have the chance to see what it all looks like under the quiet blanket of winter. Our truck couldn’t get out the gate, and while we didn’t mind being stuck we needed groceries. Here in the country help is just a phone call to a neighbor, and in our case a call to Flatwoods Grill and Country Consignments, where at any given time there is a multitude of locals and good neighbors who are happy to drive over and help.

Garon Parrish, who hays our fields, rescued us, but not in time for me to go to town to Jeffries (whose prices beat Loewe’s) pick to out the lighting for our new construction, before they closed at noon. Oh well, guess we will have to put off our return to Florida a little longer, shucks!

Construction Well Underway

We brought our RV, which has been toasty with an electric fireplace in the living room to supplement the heat. We came to confer with our builders, Jake and Luke Brinkman who are well underway with our new home/office, being built inside our 30x50’ metal barn. When it is completed next month, we will have a huge and beautiful space to live and work, invite guests, and set up a studio for our Kentucky operation. Jake and Luke, who are also our neighbors and new friends, are true craftsmen, take great pride in their work, and are enjoying the unique project we have. With all the major decisions made; the tile, kitchen layout, windows, closets, and bathrooms (with a Jacuzzi tub!!!) we will leave for Florida and our non stop winter schedule, to return in April to the finished product.

Our Florida office is in full force, with Tracey Scharf at the helm. With fiber optic high speed internet here in Kentucky, Tracey and our web work force, Penny Astrid, Maggie, Stacy and Neeraj sit on my desktop in the instant messenger window. We use the webcam and voice features to work together. This region has been the beneficiary of the Federal Government and the FCC to bring modern technology to rural areas. I have a stronger connection here than at our Florida office, where we still do not have dsl. We continue to make huge headway in the development of our websites, as we approach our 10th anniversary in 2007.

Grand Opening Scheduled for April 2006

We now have two new sports, 4 wheeling and creek walking, as we continue to explore our property and the thousands of acres surrounding us which we have access to. We found “Tater Cave” just down the road, land marked by an abandoned John Deer Tractor, where the previous landowners stored their potatoes year round.It is said there are trails all the way to Tennessee.

Our corgis Trooper and even the 14 year old Gizmo, come alive when they see us lacing on our hiking boots, as we walk through the woods, following fresh deer trails to discover new treasures easily revealed in the open woods. It was Trooper’s first snow, and he bounded ahead on a mission following his nose. No leashes or pooper scoopers required here!

We will let our readers know when our virtual open house is in the spring, and invite you to our grand opening. Meanwhile we continue to explore this region discovering many properties perfect for raising horses, and traveling to events from this central location. We have a list of clients and friends we hope will join us here, so we can develop our own DressageDaily community.

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