Kentucky Horse Council Matches Funds for Geld Clinics

Lexington, KY -The Kentucky Horse Council (KHC) is no stranger to helping unwanted horses.  KHC's Equine Safety Net, which assists caring owners suffering unemployment or medical emergencies, began in April 2007 and since that time KHC has been actively safeguarding unwanted horses throughout the Commonwealth by providing training for animal control and peace officers, publishing Minimum Standards for Equine Care in Kentucky, and supporting responsible breeding practices.  

These Health and Welfare programs are supported by the Save Our Horses (SoHo) Fund, which accepts tax deductible contributions for the purpose of developing programs to ensure the health and welfare of Kentucky's horses.

Recently the Unwanted Horse Coalition (UHC), a national alliance of equine organizations, announced Operation Gelding.  Through Operation Gelding, UHC will provide funding of $50 per horse for veterinarians offering free or low cost geld clinics.  

Using the SoHo Fund, KHC will match funds of $50 per animal (maximum $1,000 per clinic) to help cover costs for any Kentucky veterinarian who conducts an Operation Gelding clinic.

"When the Unwanted Horse Coalition announced Operation Gelding, it just made sense for the Kentucky Horse Council to match their funding of Kentucky geld clinics.  In reality this is really just an extension of our existing geld voucher program which has offset the cost of castrating 63 Kentucky horses in the past 18 months," remarked KHC Board President, Madelyn Millard.

Already two Operation Gelding clinics are scheduled for the Commonwealth; Mountain View Rescue in Adair County is conducting a Geld Clinic on November 13th and the Kentucky Horse Park will host a clinic on December 4th in Fayette County.  Both clinics will receive partial funding from the Kentucky Horse Council.

"With much of Kentucky suffering drought conditions and the high incidence of unemployment, we again anticipate this winter to be a struggle for many horse owners.  Helping to stem the population of unwanted horses is a viable long term solution," Millard further explained.

More information about both upcoming geld clinics can be found online at  For more information on receiving matching funds for Operation Gelding contact Essie Rogers at or 859-367-0509.

About The Kentucky Horse Council
The Kentucky Horse Council is a non-profit organization dedicated, through education and leadership, to the protection and development of the Kentucky equine community. The Kentucky Horse Council provides educational programs and information, scholarships, personal liability insurance, trail riding advocacy, horse show support, and an annual statewide equine industry directory.  The specialty Kentucky Horse Council license plate, feature a foal lying in the grass, provides the primary source of revenue for KHC programs.