Kathy's Sponsors and Favorites

Kathy Priest and Woodspring Farm - Dressage Rider, Trainer, Horse Sales

A very special thanks to our Sponsors:
McCauley’s Feed
Albion Saddlery

  • Saddle: Albion, favorite saddle fitter—Diane Sasscer
  • Bridle: We must have 25 bridles in the tack room
  • Horse Feed: McCauley Bros. Pastime, made locally
  • Sponsors: McCauley’s Feed, April Harris and Whistlejacket Farm
  • Supplements: Biotime, McCauley’s Rice Bran Oil, Body Builder and Cosequin
  • Trailer: Four Star
  • Hobbies: Anything to do with the sun and water, Reading
  • Superstitions: Going in the show ring with something brand new
  • Book: Atlas Shrugged
  • Meal: Crab cakes
  • Drink: Chardonnay
  • Vacation: Europe
  • Possession: Family & Farm
  • First horse/pony: Jenny, a race horse off the track
  • Clothing: White shirts, blue jeans and sandals
  • Truck: Ford Ton Dually
  • Car: BMW X5
  • Movie: Bird Cage
  • Song: Anything by Sting
  • Pets in addition to horses: Buster, best Lab in the world
  • Guilty Pleasure: I try to never be guilty
  • Expression/saying/mantra: Crazier than a run-over dog
  • Fitness routine: Exercise and stretching in the AM, riding 8 horses a day