Karen Pavicic and Don Daquiri Get Their Shot at Neue Schule Best Hands Award at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival CDIW and CPEDI3*


Neue Schule Best Hands winner Karen Pavicic and Chase Hickok.
Neue Schule Best Hands winner Karen Pavicic and Chase Hickok.

Wellington, FL - Canadian rider Karen Pavicic was happy to drink it in when she learned that her rides on Don Daquiri had earned the Neue Schule Best Hands Award for week 10 of the Adequan Global Dressage Festival (AGDF) Dressage CDIW and CPEDI3* in Wellington, FL. For Neue Schule representative and North American authorized dealer, Mette Larsen of Metlar Sadderly in Riverhead, NY, the Vancouver rider's quiet seat and sensitive hands during their FEI Grand Prix tests epitomized the ergonomic bit maker's philosophy to “make the bits and leave the rest to the rider's hands.” Pavicic, an understudy of the late German riding master, Dietrich von Hapffgarten, had been in search of a bit that would help her make the connection with Jayne Essig's 12 year-old Oldenburg (Don Cardinale x Nedstatte III x Rubenstein) gelding when she was introduced to Neue Schule.

“This particular horse has been challenging in his contact, so I reached out to Neue Schule for something to help with that,” said Pavicic, who opted for pairing the UK-based company's gentle, all-purpose Team-Up training snaffle with its Slimma curb for good lifting action without upper palate interference.

“It made a definite difference,” she told Larsen, as she accepted her Best Hands Award.
“We are wishing you and Don Daquiri all the best on your road towards qualifying to represent Canada at this summer's World Equestrian Games in Normandy,” Larsen said. “It's looking favorable but there's still a long ways to go,” Pavicic replied, adding, “but thank you, Neue Schule, for your part in helping us stay on track.”

Some of the best hands In Wellington this season are attached to Neue Schule bits, whose mouthpieces offer dressage riders new and better-fitting choices in snaffle and curb bit designs.
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