Karen Lipp and Sommelier

Karen Lipp, who is training out of Jeff and Shereen Fuquas’ picturesque Collecting Gaits Farm in Alpharetta, Georgia, is currently working with a selection of horses and riders of varying experience and looking forward to a future with her new stallion Sommelier.

Sommelier, a six-year-old Oldenburg stallion by Sandro Hit. Purchased from the Kasselmann’s Performance Sport Horse International in Germany, discovered through horse transporter Tim Dutta. Sommelier was the only horse in twenty that Karen knew she had to bring home with her. “When they brought him into the arena I thought, ‘Now we’re talkin’,’ she grinned.

Sommelier qualified for the Bundeschampionat with Dr. Ulf Moeller in the saddle, though has not yet completed the final qualifier to represent Germany. Karen will bring Sommelier out at third level in the United States.

“He canters for a ten,” she said. “I had wanted to geld him and the previous owners said, ‘You can’t’!” I don’t usually like stallions but he’s great. While he was in quarantine he live covered two mares and I rode him a little and he has a very nice character.” Karen said that he is the first licensed son of Sandro Hit to stand in the US. “It’s a big venture to import a stallion,” she continued. “It’s expensive and stressful, but he’s licensed and the stud fees will pay his bills.”

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