Just a Few Photos - Dressage German Gold, US Silver

Isabell and her Bella Rose

Isabell and her Bella Rose

Still in the press center after a long,  fabulous day of Team Dressage.

There are so many more photos to share, but I really want to join my friends at the Legends Grill and have a glass of wine.

So going to upload a few.

Isabell made me cry, because she was crying at her halt salute with the brave and special mare Bella Rose.

Laura Graves the last to go, who admitted at the press conference she was "under the weather" pulled it off with Verdadez to win Team Silver for USA. 

And the amazing British team with new young horses showed that there is life after Valegro.

Laura Graves Got it Done

Laura Graves and Diddy Got it Done

More later, I promise, be here are a few I managed to get done in the last hour.

The sun was shining, a breeze was blowing , and I had my favorite spot.


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