Junior Rider Eve Jobs and Quickley 3 Are Best in Scarlett's Derby

Eve Jobs and Quickley 3

Eve Jobs and Quickley 3 (Photo: McCool)

San Juan Capistrano, CA - On the Derby Field at the Rancho Mission Viejo Riding Park at San Juan Capistrano, competitors and spectators all gathered for the final event of the day, the $10,000 Scarlett's Speed Derby, presented by Walter Oil & Gas.

Now in its second year, this special event occurs in the Spring and Fall seasons to benefit the Park Place Foundation for children and teens, and bring attention to the stories that drive the organization's mission. Today, the Foundation presented "Francie's Story", Francie Steinwedell-Carvin's deeply moving account of her journey to find sobriety and happiness, which she shared at the event. Read more of Francie's story here.

In a course that rewarded bravery and speed, Eve Jobs and her speedy mount Quickley 3 took advantage of the faults converted format to take home the top prize.

With specs at 1.30m, FEI course designer Mauricio Garcia's 15-element track had its share of challenges. One of the toughest parts of the course came after the open water at fence 5, where riders had to regain balance and shorten on a bending line to the oxer-vertical one-stride at 6a-b. More than half the class carried just a bit too much momentum into the double and had a rail. Riders also navigated several natural obstacles, including a devil's dike, a bank and a hill.

In the faults converted format, having a rail didn't necessarily mean the win was out of reach. A speedy track could make up the four second penalty incurred from lowering the height of a jump. Several riders took advantage of this format, including 16-year-old rider Eve Jobs and her wonderful chestnut gelding, Quickley 3.

Eve Jobs and Quickley 3, with Francie Steinwedell-Carvin, Susan, Andy, Serenity  and Summer Phillips, Robert and Hillary Ridland, and Melissa Brandes

Eve Jobs and Quickley 3, with Francie Steinwedell-Carvin, Susan, Andy, Serenity  and Summer Phillips, Robert and Hillary Ridland, and Melissa Brandes (Photo: McCool)

From the seventh spot in the order, Humberto Quirarte and Saffier proved that Garcia's track was conquerable as he turned in the first and only fault-free effort. Opting for a slightly conservative route, he crossed the timers in 96.38. A short-lived lead, as Jobs put her horse's 'speedy' name to the test as she galloped smoothly around the track, shaving off very valuable seconds early on. It wasn't until her gelding had a rail at fence 7, the oxer leading into the devil's dike, that Jobs knew she would have to keep on galloping if she still wanted to come within striking distance of Quirarte's time. She did just that, soaring over the last oxer in a time of 91.81. Once the four second penalty was added, her final time of 95.81 was just fast enough to take the lead and ultimately the win.

Still young and gaining miles, Jobs said, "This is my first derby. My horse was phenomenal. I thought the course was great; it incorporated all the fun parts of the arena, and it was fast."

She went on about her horse, known at the barn as Pickle. "I got him in April from Andrew Welles. He's 10 years old and he's just a fireball. When he goes in the ring, he just knows his job. He's like a dirt bike - so much fun. I normally jump him in the lows, which is about 1.30m, but our goal is to step up to the highs, some speed classes and hopefully some more derbies."

Friday Finals
From young horses to young riders, the International Jumping Festival is full of finals in several fields. With over forty-five entries, the five, six and seven-year-old jumpers completed their second rounds, take a show rest tomorrow and return on Sunday for the final rounds of the second annual Blenheim Young Jumper Finals, presented by Fairbanks Valley Farm.

Today, two of the three phases tested competitors in the Platinum Performance/USEF Show Jumping Talent Search Finals West. First, riders were asked to perform a specific test on the flat in the Pacific Field. Later, the Grand Prix Field hosted the challenging gymnastics phase.

With one jumping phase and the Final Four test remaining, the top six riders are just eleven points apart. But as in any competitive environment, these standings can change quickly as the show jumping phase further tests their skills.

More details on this prestigious finals at the completion of the class tomorrow. Saturday at the International Jumping Festival is also full of highlights, from USEF Zone Medal Finals to CashCall Mortgage U25 Finals and the final Markel Insurance 1.40m Grand Prix of the season.

$10,000 Scarlett's Derby, 1.30m, presented by Walter Gas & Oil
Place - Number - Horse - Rider - Owner - Time (Unconverted Time)
1. 207 - Quickley 3 - Eve Jobs - Eve Jobs - 95.810 (91.810)
2. 600 - Saffier - Humberto Quirarte - Humberto Quirarte - 96.381 (96.381)
3. 103 - Karina 445 - Max Dolger - Alix Fargo - 96.744 (92.744)
4. 401 - Desdemona - Nathalie Manning - Idyllic Imports - 101.738 (93.738)
5. 271 - Labors Wonderboy - Mary Frances Looke - Carole Looke - 103.109 (91.109)
6. 670 - Highland Elegance - Kelly McKnight - Kelly McKnight - 103.917 (95.917)
7. 403 - Classe VDL - Nathalie Manning - Sarah Matzinger - 105.096 (97.096)
8. 483 - Lorelei - Trudi Fletcher - Linda Smith - 105.175 (93.175)

Platinum Performance/USEF Show Jumping Talent Search Finals West
Flat Phase and Gymnastics Phase Complete
Rider - Points
1. Savannah Jenkins - 202
2. Eve Jobs - 196.5
3. Ransome Rombauer - 194.5
4. Megan Hilton - 194.5
5. Mitchell Endicott - 191.5
6. Michael Williamson - 191