Jumping Verona Rolex FEI World Cup™: A Triumph for Swiss Timing!

The big class of the day was the Premio Acqua Cutolo Rionero, worth Euro12'500 to the winner. Course designer Rolf Luedi probably was not hoping for quite as many clears as he eventually got but 17 through to the second round did make for a crowd pleasing jump off. Steve Guerdat and the appropriately named Ferrari were fifth in and with an immaculately ridden round took three seconds of the previous best.

The others then all had to play catch up! Jeroen Dubbledam and BMC Van Grunsven Simon ended up second best with a time of 35.18 and Rodrigo Pessoa was third on Champ in 35.94.

Mention should be made of the fourth at it was that man Bernardo Alves again!

Aterwards Steve said “Ferrari is very fast but we have not won that many classes as often we miss in the jump off, because he wants it as much as I do and this makes him hard to ride sometimes. But we have worked on this recently and so I rode him with more confidence today but I was not expecting to be as fast as that!”

Result Class n° 3
Steve Guerdat (SUI) Ferrari 0/0-34.60
Jeroen Dubbeldam (NED) Bmc Van Grunsven Simon 0/0-35.18
Rodrigo Pessoa (BRA) Champ 0/0-35.94
Bernardo Alves (BRA) Vancouver D’Auvrey 0/0-36.03
Michel Robert (FRA) Kellemoi De Pepita 0/0-36.07

Photo: Steve Guerdat and Ferrari by DeLorenzo