Jumping International de Bordeaux 2012: February 3rd – 5th 2012

A highly strategic World Cup Jumping leg with two World Cup finals: Driving and Vaulting!

2012: The “Jumping International de Bordeaux” is really at its best! From February 3rd – 5th it will bring together three high-level equestrian competitions underneath the same roof: a crucial FEI Rolex World Cup Jumping’s qualifier (thus following he tradition that started in 1978), in which the world elite of jumping riders will participate, as well as two World Cup finals, those of driving and vaulting. A passionate audience will be spoiled.

Innovation: Vaulting World Cup final in Bordeaux

While the story of driving in Bordeaux goes way back in the history of the series (actually back to its creation in 2001), vaulting - with its own World Cup having been created just last year – will make its first apparition in Aquitaine.

Just like jumping and driving, vaulting has its own World Cup that started off in Kiel in October and passes through Munich (GER), Salzburg (AUT), Paris (FRA) and Leipzig (GER). It’s a discipline that combines the equestrian with the artistic-performing world and brings about freshness with many young athletes. The World Cup is reserved for the world’s Top10 of each gender: a list on which can be found two French among the male participants, Nicolas Andreani (world n°1) and Rémy Hombecq (n°6) who will try ensure their participation in the Bordeaux final. A single Frenchwoman is in the female Top10, Anne-Sophie Musset. She will travel with the men to Munich, Paris and Leipzig before hopefully coming to Bordeaux next year.
Bordeaux loves driving!

Ten drivers – the world’s Top10 – are qualified for this World Cup that started off in Hannover on the weekend of October 17th. Bordeaux will welcome the six best that will qualify in the course of seven stages: the elite of the elite! The Dutchman Ijsbrand Chardon will run against last year’s winner of the World Cup in Leipzig, the Australian World Champion Boyd Exell; the duel should be breathtaking, a thrilling neck and neck.

Hall 3 will be running the risk of bursting into flames during this battle of “Chariots of Fire”! Bordeaux has always liked this driving World Championship with four horses and thus deserves its final!

Jumping: The turning point of the World Cup season
Since 1978, the year of birth of the World Cup, the Bordeaux stage has always been one of the most competitive ones, a strong moment of the season. The stakes are high, indeed. Only one stage away from the final in ‘s-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands (April 18th-22th), the challenge is to collect the last precious points that could bring about the participation in the rendezvous of the global elite.

In this regard, the competition in Bordeaux represents a strategic turning point and that’s why the jump-offs always offer exhilarating scenarios.

Every year, the best riders of Europe come to Bordeaux for the eleventh out of twelve qualifying stages of the European League, which has the reputation of being the most difficult and most demanding out of the 13 world leagues. About half of the finalists are European but it should be mentioned that only 2 riders out of the Top10 are not. This domination goes on and becomes equally visible in the Top 30 with 22 European riders. At the last World Championship (Lexington 2010), the Europeans monopolized the podium in team… with the French team on the second place (just like in the Championships in Madrid in September). The resurgent French team will obviously be participating in Bordeaux.

Jumping l’Expo: Cosy and Professional
Three great sporting events will thus meet in the same place that will also permit the audience to profit from expositions and the French Lifestyle made in Bordeaux. This convivial salon, Jumping l’Expo, offers anything that an equestrian lover’s heart could wish for, as well as local and artisanal objects, with about a hundred stalls in hall 1 (peppered with excellent little restaurants; definitely do not miss the oysters at Arcachon with a glass of white Bordeaux wine). At Jumping l’Expo there is also space for animations, whether it is the baptism of a pony or the introduction to different disciplines (vaulting, pony-game, horseball, dressage…). The access to the salon is free and allows the public to take the first steps into the fascinating world of the horse.