Jumping de Chantilly, Global Champions Tour

Syrian Victory in Chantilly

A Syrian victory in the actual world contexte has, of course, a certain signification. Ahmad Saber Hamcho is the first winner of the 9th International Jumping in Chantilly.

An unexpected victory since the Syrien flag was not present. But Ahmad prefers to speak of his performance – his first victory on the Global Champions Tour circuit – on the sports aspect, "the course with few corners, was adapted for my mare who likes a fast galop" underligning timidely, that it could eventually give a positive image of his country whilst living abroad, in Germany, where he rents his installations.

 "It is evident that a Syrian victory has a special signification at the present time ….. but winning always has a positive meaning." Ahmad did not say anymore on his country, prefering to concentrate on his sports calendar which will take him to the London Olympics, the very young rider (he is only 19) having qualified.