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Prix France Galop: Christian Ahlmann... pending dad!

"Now, the baby can arrive any time, even if it is expected for early August..." reveals Christian Ahlmann, who expects a possible phone call from his girlfriend, Judy-Ann Melchior, who is almost at the term of her pregnancy.

But the German champion seems to be not that disturbed. On the contrary, he seems particularly calm and cool. It is in this state of mind that he led Lorena to victory this afternoon in the Prix France Galop: "the mare does not have much experience, but at the moment, she jumps well.  In Aachen, she already won a good class and she challenges it again on this very difficult arena... "

Difficult this Meautry arena? "No, nothing to do with the quality of the soil that is much, much, much better than last year!" But, it is a large arena where the horses can be spooky, especially the young ones such as Lorena... But I am very happy with her, she did a good job.  But, I confess that I am still surprised to have won this class with so many fast horses at the start. But good, she is a very fast horse and I tried to go fast right from the start and as I was felt she was going well, I took more and more risks."