Jumping de Cannes - The 17th for Libertina!

When Libertina wins, it’s always an evident victory. The mare of Jessica Kuerten is back after a restful period that had started in March. After a first go in Torino, the phenomenal horse wins its 17th international class in Cannes.

“Cannes is one of my favourite shows. Libertina is in good shape! In Torino she was still very fresh because she had not been to shows since March. So my goal for tonight had been to jump her and get her through the jump-off, then give her a rest until Saturday. She feels particularly good. I hope we are lucky on Saturday, but one never knows. It was definitely very fun to ride her tonight, I am very happy about her performance and about winning tonight.”

CSI 5* Prix Generali - Result:

  • 1 - Castle Forbes Libertina  Jessica Kuerten  IRL  0.00  36.15
  • 2 - Randgraaf  Philippe Rozier  FRA  0.00  37.90
  • 3 - Cabreado  Daniel Deusser  GER  0.00  38.60
  • 4 - Vancouver d’Auvray   Bernardo Alves  BRA  0.00  38.93
  • 5 - Cedric  Laura Kraut  USA   0.00  39.70
  • 6 - Cash 63   Marco Kutscher  GER  0.00  45.45
  • 7 - Napoli du Ry   Simon Delestre  FRA  4.00  35.58
  • 8 - Katchina Mail   Patrice Delaveau  FRA  4.00   36.69

All the result in this link : http://results.sportcg.net/CANNES/

Photo: Jessica and Libertina taken last year at Leipzig