Jumping Committee Meeting

The FEI Jumping Committee held its annual statutory meeting from 2-3 July in Baarlo (NED) at the home of Committee member Mr Emile Hendrix following the European Jumping Championship. 

Among the items on the agenda for discussion were the following:

Nations Cup 

The Committee discussed the conditions for the Nations Cup Regional League system and decided to recommend a completely restructured proposal, which will be put to the various bodies for approval. 

Substitution of teams qualified for the second round of Nations Cup competitions

The next highest placed team will replace any qualified team withdrawing before the second round of the Nations Cup competition. The team withdrawing cannot be placed or receive prize money.

Olympic Games

The minimum requirements to be met by the Olympic Games Organising Committee, as well as the qualifying system for the Olympic Games were reviewed by the Committee. Proposals for change will be presented to the FEI Bureau for approval.

One Day CSIO events

The Committee rejected a request to host a one -day CSIO event. 

Guidelines for Organisers

The FEI in consultation with the Organisers and the International Jumping Riders’ Club are currently producing guidelines for organising international events.

International Golden Years Trophy for Junior and Young Riders

Permission was withdrawn for Young Riders to compete in the above series in 2002 until the age of 23. The age limit for Young Riders from 2002 will be 21 years.

Rules for International Jumping Events

The Committee considered many proposed changes to the rulebook as received from the Rules Revision Working Group. A final draft will be presented to the FEI Bureau for approval in November this year. The General Assembly will be asked for its approval of the new rulebook on the occasion of the 2002 Assembly. The new edition will come into effect on the 1 January 2003. 

Competitions for six and seven year old horses

The Committee approved the following conditions for six and seven year old horse competitions. It was recognised that these competitions are optional for organisers to hold, however, if held, the following conditions must be respected from 2002:

- The OC of an event may include special competitions for 6 and 7-year-old horses in its programme, for which a competitor may be invited to bring one or more horses, in addition to the maximum number of three horses permitted for a CSI. The number of six and seven-year-old horses permitted per competitor must be stated in the schedule;

- A horse ridden in these special young horses competitions may not be ridden in other CSI competitions at the same event;

- In classes where age groups are combined, there may be a combined classification;

- Six and seven-year-old horses may be ridden in the same competition over the same course. However, the 7-year-old horses will receive a handicap, i.e. the obstacles for horses of this age must be approximately 5 cms higher than those for the 6-year-old horses. The width of obstacles may be increased in spread for 7-year-old horses. The rest of the course must be the same for both age groups;

- Extra competitors from the host country only, may be invited to take part in these competitions;

- Height of obstacles for 6-year-old horses must be approximately 1.30 cm;

- There may also be special competitions for 8-year-old horses; 

- If international competitions for 5-year-old horses are held, the rules already established for these competitions must be respected. 

Revision of the Memorandum for International Jumping Events

The Rules Revision Working Group will commence work on the revision of the Memorandum for International Jumping Events.