Jimmy Torano and Katina Win $3,500 DG Ventures Speed Derby

Hampton Falls, NH - September 16, 2011 - The Fidelity Investments® Jumper Classic®, presented by Porsche, had another day full of top competition. Jimmy Torano of Ft. Lauderdale, FL, was able to tackle the course for victory with Danielle Torano's Katina in the $3,500 DG Ventures Speed Derby.  To watch an interview with Jimmy Torano about the speed derby, please visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzUjk5bblog.

Located in the beautiful town of Hampton Falls, NH, The Jumper Classic is New England's premier equestrian event. This elite level competition attracts the country's top riders, past Olympians and local equestrians who compete for over $200,000 in prize money. The Jumper Classic runs through Sunday, September 18, with the highlight class, the $75,000 Fidelity Investments Grand Prix, on Sunday. Course designer Anthony D'Ambrosio of Red Hook, NY, is designing the tracks in the Coldwell Bankers Previews Grand Prix Field this week.

In the $3,500 DG Ventures Speed Derby, there were 37 entries to compete over a course that included a section of the derby bank and an option fence that gave riders the opportunity to jump over a dry ditch or a liverpool. The horses and riders went for speed through the 13 obstacles. The fastest recorded time in the class with a clear round went to Jimmy Torano and Katina, owned by Danielle Torano. Two competitors late in the class were the only ones to come near Torano's time. Jay Land and Nepal finished in 71.818 seconds for second place, while Kristen Bumpus and Cupid crossed the timers in 73.317 seconds and were third.

Torano said that while Katina is usually his wife Danielle's ride, he took the opportunity to work with the horse this week. He went early in the order, but set down a pace that couldn't be matched. "I have a very, very fast horse in general," he said. "I got her opened up early and I left out a stride from one to two."

Torano and Katina, a 10-year-old Dutch Warmblood mare by Iroko, also benefited from leaving out strides in the last two very forward lines. "I think that probably made the difference," Torano said.
Torano plans to compete with Katina in tomorrow's $12,000 MillShire Speed Derby, which will use more of the natural elements on course, including the full derby bank and the grob. "It's a good preparation," Torano acknowledged of today's class. "Anthony (D'Ambrosio) introduced part of the bank. Tomorrow he'll throw everything at us. I think she feels great. She went in very confident. I have very high hopes for tomorrow. I hope she'll do as well tomorrow as she did today."

In the morning's opening class, the $1,000 Masters Jumpers sponsored by the Holistic Animal Healing Clinic, Donald Little of Ipswich, MA, was able to gallop to his second win of the week with Mr. Nightime. Their clear round brought the blue ribbon and the division championship.  Little and Mr. Nightime were speedy in 69.934 seconds for the win. Olivia Weeks took second and third places on Ronan (70.042 seconds) and Atman (73.311 seconds).  "The plan was to go straight between the fences and not make big loops. That paid off," Little said. "I'm a foxhunter by nature. I just love to hunt down to the fences on a big course like this. It suits both of us."

Little has owned Mr. Nightime for 12 years, and they are a fixture in the Masters division. "Mr. Nightime is the man," he laughed. "I got him 12 years ago from Schuyler Riley. Ever since we've been traveling friends and we've been everywhere together. He loves his job and he's a winner. That's all you can ask a horse to do. He gets in the ring and knows his job."

On his successful week, Little noted, "It was a good season and fun to wind up here winning a couple of classes."

The second class of the day was the $3,000 Deeridge Farm 1.30m Jumpers, and Irishman Andrew Bourns of Wellington, FL, was the winner over the speed course on La Bella Stella. Their clear ride in 73.183 seconds captured the blue ribbon. Amanda Derbyshire and King Rolo were second in 74.157 seconds. Norman Dello Joio placed third on Pacifico De La Nutria, owned by De La Nutria, when he stopped the timers in 75.465 seconds.

Bourns said of his ride, "Today I was going to be tidy. When I get a chance to win some money, it's a good idea, at least to cover some of my costs. If (the class) got any faster, I don't think I would have tried to win it, but it was just enough. It was the perfect class to do that."

Bourns and La Bella Stella, a seven-year-old Irish Sporthorse mare by Lux Z x Cavalier Royale, have been paired together for a year a half, since she was imported to the U.S. From Ireland. They were successful in the Young Jumper Championships at the FTI Winter Equestrian Festival and the Hampton Classic Horse Show. This year, they have been class winners at Bromont and Lake Placid.

"She's been very consistent," Bourns said. "She's going to be a top High Amateur horse. She's maybe not a 1.60m grand prix horse, but a real fast winner. She's careful, she's fast and she's very, very brave. She's easy to ride. You can turn her fast and gallop her. She's very light. You have to be soft with your aids because she's so responsive. You only have to think what you want to do and she does it. It makes my life a lot easier!"

This is the second year that Bourns has competed at The Jumper Classic. "I like this show a lot. It's a show that's growing. There are more big name show jumpers here this year and it's getting a very good reputation. It's very popular with the riders and trainers."

In the GGT Footing Ring Two, Paige Sorce and Lord des Tourelles, owned by Lindsey Werner, were victorious in the $1,000 1.20m Jumpers. Werner is out of Top of the Line Farm in Chestnut Ridge, NY.  "Normally my husband rides the horse for Lindsey during the week. Lindsey is very competitive in the adult jumpers with that horse but she is recovering from surgery," Sorce explained.

Sorce said Lord des Tourelles is "a super competitive horse, very brave, and very game." She added, "He's always in the ribbons, always a winner. It was a nice, fun ride for me to compete on. You just come out of the ring with a smile on your face all the time when you get to ride him."

Other winners in the GGT Footing Ring Two include:
1.10m Jumper: Callebaut, Maureen Sullivan, Maureen Sullivan
1.15m Jumper: Sky's The Limit, Kristen Bumpus, Elsa Kania
$500 Modified Child/Adult 1.20m: Lincourt Gino, Monica Carrera, Monica Carrera
$750 Children's/Adult Jumpers: Saks, McKayla Langmeier, Linda Langmeier

Tomorrow will be a full day of classic competition at The Jumper Classic, and the schedule includes the $1,500 Children's Jumper Classic, the $2,500 Adult Jumper Classic, the $3,500 LowJunior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Classic, $5,500 High Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Classic,and finishing with the $12,000 MillShire Speed Derby.

For more information, please visit The Fidelity Investments Jumper Classic website at www.jumperclassic.com or visit The Jumper Classic on Facebook!

Final Results: $3,500 DG Ventures Speed Derby
264 Katina, Jimmy Torano, Danielle Torano: 0/70.406
126 Nepal, Jay Land, Jay Land: 0/71.818
21 Cupid, Kristen Bumpus, Kristen Bumpus: 0/73.317
368 Voice, Adam Ottomanelli, Mitijo Holdings, LLC: 0/73.420
383 Krystoff, Molly Kenney, Oakley Clark: 0/77.298
280 Zopala, Stella Manship, Elan Farm: 0/78.717
145 HH Radco, Hayley Buttenweiser, Double H Farm: 0/79.572
404 Play On, Victoria Birdsall, Allan Shore: 0/81.951

Final Results: $1,000 Masters Jumpers sponsored by Holistic Animal Healing Clinic
406 Mr. Nightime, Donald Little: 0/69.934
271 Ronan, Olivia Weeks: 0/70.042
270 Atman, Olivia Weeks: 0/73.311
114 Bollinger on Ice, Catherine Cech: 0/80.955
302 S & L Clever, Dennis Sisco: 4/79.316
300 Clapton, Dennis Sisco: 4/81.050
191 Regmental Review, Perrin Pearse: 8/80.200
303 Leitrim Euro Touch, Dennis Sisco: 8/80.356

Final Results: $3,000 Deeridge Farm 1.30m Jumpers
380 La Bella Stella, Andrew Bourns: 0/73.183
233 King Rolo, Amanda Derbyshire: 0/74.157
284 Pacifico De La Nutria, Norman Dello Joio: 0/75.465
403 Estepona B, Kevin Babington: 0/75.662
379 High Quality, Andrew Bourns: 0/77.534
31 Whistler, Candice King: 0/77.644
181 Aristoteles V, Christine Mc Crea: 0/80.384
259 Wise Guy, Jimmy Torano: 0/83.037

Final Results: $5,000 1.40m Jumpers
355 Domino, McLain Ward: 0/0/34.005
56 Vesuvius, Kent Farrington: 0/0/34.364
16 Roundthorn Thadious, Andrew Bourns: 0/0/36.839
54 Dynamo, Kent Farrington: 0/0/37.247
411 Caballero, Alexandra Thornton: 0/0/37.995
19 Gowran Park, Andrew Bourns: 0/0/38.207
2 Cornwall, Kevin Babington: 0/0/38.537
64 Waliba VDL, Danielle Goldstein: 0/0/38.964

Final Results: $2,500 Low Junior/Amateur Jumpers

401 Fardela, Katherine Strauss: 0/57.163
10 Taro, Heather Irons: 0/62.423
138 Quadrifolio, Elizabeth Maloney: 0/66.647
400 Chellando Z, Katherine Strauss: 0/67.104
204 Rombouts Soleil, Victoria Vargas D : 0/68.425
11 Sombo, Heather Irons: 0/71.434
67 Ballerina, Pamela Nalefski: 0/72.554
402 Waterloo S, Katherine Strauss: 4/62.328

Final Results: $3,000 High Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumpers
127 Merlin, Frances Land: 0/57.585
282 Vertigo, Wesley Newlands: 0/61.892
281 Uno Kinston, Wesley Newlands: 0/62.358
321 Sandro, Katie Dinan: 0/62.533
352 Oskar, Lauren Ward: 0/62.569
206 Cartago-Son, Victoria Vargas D : 0/62.817
9 Ramina, Alexandra Bartlett: 0/66.909
266 Capitano, Danielle Torano: 0/69.470

Photos: Katina & Jimmy Torano; Donald Little and Mr. Nightime; Andrew Bourns and La Bella Stella  Photo Credit: Flashpoint Photography