Jessica Springsteen : First victory in Chantilly

Jessica Springsteen (USA) and Davendy S (Photo:©RBpresse/J.Rodrigues)
Jessica Springsteen (USA) and Davendy S (Photo:©RBpresse/J.Rodrigues)

"The boss’s daughter" was the boss today in the Prix Equidia Life. She never misses an edition of the Jumping of Chantilly since she arrived on the international circuit. After her early stages on the Amphithéâtre arena, in the two stars, she entered the big league (the five stars and the Meautry arena) three years ago. Today, she wins her first cantilienne victory and first victory on the Global Champions Tour circuit associated to Davendy S in a speed class where the competition was fierce starting with the Belgian Gregory Wathelet (Riesling du Monselet) to whom the young American left no chances.

"I’m so excited! She jumped amazing. Yesterday I hit the last fence so I’m happy that today went well, she was super. I’m twice happy because it’s my first win in Chantilly, this is one of my favorite show so it’s cool to win here. It’s beautiful. I look forward to coming here every summer. Now, after this victory, I feel in a good mood and excited to take my chance in the Grand Prix."

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